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    Valheim Rocker statue gives new meaning to Viking metal

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    The latest statue in Valheim is a rocker skeleton with a mohawk, flaming eyes and an electric guitar, giving new meaning to Viking metal.

    an experienced builder Valheim created the literal embodiment of Viking metal in the game by designing a statue of a rocker holding an electric guitar. This is probably the gamer's craziest project so far, although his previous creations were also quite complex and sophisticated.

    One of Valheim's recent builds by the same author was a faithful recreation of Valheim's German "Tiger" tank, which looked almost like an exact copy of the real tank. The player admitted to making minor changes, as the armored vehicle's unique shape was quite difficult to fully replicate in-game. Despite this, the result was simply incredible, making one wish that real ground transportation were present in Valheim. Interestingly, the builder used head trophies from some defeated monsters to give the tank a proper crew.

    The latest Valheim creation from talented builder VIXTOR is a skeleton wielding an electric guitar who gestures the iconic horn symbol with his hand. As shared by Redditor Arreksis, the undead rocker statue is simple, though some impressive details are still incorporated into the construction. The most impressive part is probably the giant skull with a mohawk, which gives the impression of an unintentional tribute to Craig Ferguson's sidekick Geoff Peterson, who was an animatronic skeleton on The Late Late Show. The guitar's design is also quite complex due to its complicated shape and lighting. However, none of this can be achieved in the vanilla game. As previously revealed, VIXTOR relies on a mod called PreciseRotation, which allows you to place building assets at any desired angle.

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    April 1th 2022
    This is Rock!!! from valheim

    While mods dramatically improve Valheim's functionality by updating the game's build mechanics, projects run on the vanilla client are still much more impressive as they can be hypothetically created by anyone. To make the usual builds stand out favorably among other projects, players tend to rely on simple explorations and smart approaches. For example, one player managed to create a floating steampunk airship in Valheim, decorating it with functional engines and a futuristic-looking cockpit.

    It looks like Valheim is slowly but steadily becoming the next Minecraft, thanks to adjustable building mechanics that can be improved with mods on the go. While players initially embraced the idea of ​​maintaining the Viking setting with their builds, they eventually moved on to creating fantasy statues, modern vehicles, and even massive replica PC accessories. Leaving the game context is becoming a trend, which is an expected result considering players are constantly gaining more confidence with Valheim.

    Valheim is available for PC.

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