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    Valheim: How to make the Crystal Battle Axe

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    The Crystal Battleaxe is Valheim's newest weapon and one of the most powerful. Find out how to find the materials and produce them here.

    Valheim  offers a wide variety of amazing special weapons that are ready to crush, stab or slash the many enemies that roam the open world. 

    As the difficulty increases in each of the available biomes and the creatures become more powerful, obtaining these weapons plays a vital role in survival. The Crystal Battle Ax is the newest special weapon added to the  Valheim and is extremely powerful.

    O crushed glass It's a heavy two-handed weapon with high damage and decent blocking ability. It looks amazing, as does its three-hit combo that is sure to take out any enemy it hits. Along with this combo, the ax can also be trusted to take down enemies and buy time for your slower-than-average swing. 

    If enemies survive the axe's blows, the weapon will also apply spiritual damage over time to help lower your health bar. Although it makes the player run twenty percent slower, the damage and style crushed glass offers more than make up for the lack of mobility.

    In order to craft the Crystal Battle Axe, the player must have the ability to collect the necessary materials. To do this, the player will need to be able to access the Swamp and Mountain biomes. Also, they will need to have obtained the Wishbone by defeating Valheim's second boss, Bonemass.


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    Crafting the Crystal Battle Ax will require the player to have the following materials:

    • 40 Ancient Bark
    • 30 Prata
    • 10 Crystals

    Additionally, they will need to craft the weapon at a level 3 Forge in Valheim . Collecting the old bark is easy. All the player has to do is head to the Swamp biome and chop down ancient trees with a bronze axe, or better. 

    Trees will drop both wood and old bark, so it's important to chop down the wood to ensure the bark can be collected at once. Alternatively, the player can find ancient husks in sunken crypt chests, but this is much more difficult and time-consuming.

    To collect silver in Valheim , the player needs to bring their Wishbone into the Mountain biome and use its pulsing effect to locate silver ore deposits. Silver ore is not normally seen on the surface of the rocks it is found within, so the Wishbone is needed to gather the amount of ore the player will need.

    Finally, to obtain the ten crystals needed to craft the Crystal Battle Axe, the player must kill Stone Golems in the Mountain biome. 

    These golems are difficult to defeat, and it is recommended that the player bring a shield to survive encounters with them. Once defeated, the golems will drop three to five crystals each, so the player will need to kill some to get what they need. 

    Once all these items are obtained, take the materials to a Level 3 Forge and the ability to craft the Crystal Battle Ax will be available.

    Valheim is available for PC.

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