Valheim: How to get the pole and what it does

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Valheim players can find the rare Maypole item in the world as they struggle to survive, but it's unclear exactly what it does or how to obtain it.

Em  Valheim , players will use a variety of items to stay alive. Some of these items are made from materials found in the world, others are simply found and brought back to base. 

Certain items must be purchased from a merchant, but they all provide some sort of benefit to the player. 

One of those items is the pole, but the game isn't very clear on how to get it or what it does. It's quite rare, although players may have heard of it before, they would be forgiven for not knowing much about it.

The Maypole falls into the category of items that can only be found. There is no way to craft it and there are no merchants that sell the item, so players will have to find a place where it can spawn naturally. 

While this is not very difficult, it has a low spawn rate and is one of the rarest items in Valheim.

Source: IGN
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April 1th 2022

Poles have a small chance to spawn in the center of any abandoned village found in the biome Meadows . Unfortunately, they cannot be created, moved, interacted with, or used in any way, but they still provide a benefit. 

If the player is within the pole's radius, he gains a +1 bonus to his comfort level. Many players have noticed that this radius appears to be very small, so it can be difficult to build a structure around a pole and still get some use out of it.

On the other hand, Maypoles are great decorations inside a base, but that doesn't come without challenges. Since the poles cannot be moved, players will also have to build their settlements around this (mostly) cosmetic resource. 

This might not be worth it for some, so luckily there's another way around it. For those players who don't mind cheating in Valheim, it is possible to create and create Maypoles using Debug mode.

To enable debug mode , players need to press F5 to open the console. Typing “imacheater” will enable cheat codes, at which point the player can normally use them to obtain a pole. Enter code debug mode and player should enter equivalent Valheim in Creative Mode. 

From here, go to an upgraded workbench and find Maypole in the list of craftable items. The recipe calls for 10 woods, 4 dandelions, and 4 thistles to build in debug mode.

Valheim already  is available for PC.

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