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Progress in Valheim is hard-won, and players will need to get their hands on the Pickaxe to get one step closer to Valhalla.

In Valheim, players will spend their first few hours fighting to survive against the elements, hunger and strange beasts. When not hunting for leather scraps, players will need to establish a base, work the land, and gather resources. It's not possible to farm every resource you find, and eventually players will need a Pickaxe to progress through the game.

The pickaxe will allow players to mine the ores needed to craft advanced tools and armor. It is also possible to change the terrain configuration by clearing large rocks to make rocks, or even lower and raise the terrain to expand its base and develop more land to cultivate and plant seeds.

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Getting the Pickaxe in Valheim is not easy and will take some work and planning. To make the pickaxe, players will need 10 wood and a single hard horn. The Hard Horn can be obtained by successfully fighting Valheim's first boss, Eikthyr. Players will receive Eikthyr's location when they start playing, but will not have the strength needed to defeat this mystical stag.

The first step is to get stronger by building a base and bench, increasing skills, and forging new weapons and armor. A bow is a great weapon, not only for fighting Eikthyr, but also for hunting common deer in Valheim. Players will need to hunt deer to collect deer trophies. Two deer trophies are required to summon Eikthyr on the summoning stone, and players can summon the creature as many times as they like. Only by killing Eikthyr can players obtain the hard horn they will need to make the pickaxe on the workbench.

A word of caution before trying to face Eikthyr. This mighty deer has a substantial health bar and can do considerable damage with charged lighting attacks. It is wise to spend a lot of time building a strong character, developing a good home, and doing things like taming wild boar and establishing a farm before choosing to take it on.

Bringing ranged weapons, a shield, and good resistance management are the keys to victory. Patience is key, as learning Eikthyr's attack patterns will be the difference between life and death. Eikthyr's powerful lightning attacks tend to be telegraphed, so be prepared to create distance when he's about to use them. If players find they have bitten off more than they can chew, they can continue to develop their character and then summon Eikthyr again when they are stronger using two more deer trophies.

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