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    Valheim: How to find viking tombs

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    While exploring the open world of Valheim, players can discover Viking Tombs containing chests and other valuable items. See how to find them.

    Scattered across the open world of Valheim , players can discover Viking tombs. Marking the cemetery of the ancient Vikings, these tombs are located in the Meadows biome. Players exploring these tombs will discover not only the bones of ancient warriors, but also the riches with which they were buried.

    The Viking Tombs in Valheim can be identified by their distinctive upturned stones. The stones are placed in an oval, forming roughly the shape of a Viking ship. 

    As Viking Tombs are located in Meadows, the biome that players first spawn in, their content can provide a variety of valuable resources early in the game.

    Some of the possible loot that can be excavated from Valheim's Viking tombs include bone fragments, jewelry, and a chest. Players who discover a chest can collect amber pearls, a ruby, fire arrows, gold coins, or a silver necklace from within. 

    The chest is usually located along the midline of the tomb, with other buried treasure lying around waiting to be discovered. Bone shards will be especially useful early in the game for crafting or upgrading armor, as well as being a crafting component for the Cartography Table added in the Home and House update.

    How to Find Viking Tombs in Valheim

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    The best way to locate Viking tombs in Valheim it's simply exploring the Meadows biome. As the tombs spawn randomly, they can be hard to find. 

    It may be in the player's best interest to just keep an eye on them as they embark on their day-to-day adventures. Graves can also be somewhat hidden when trees or rocks appear inside the grave.

    After finding a tomb, players equipped with a Wishbone can easily find the chest's exact location. Once they are close, Wishbone will ping them to alert them to the chest's location. 

    However, for players who own a Wishbone, the loot discovered in these tombs will be nothing they couldn't have already found in the various dungeons throughout the game. Players without Wishbone can still dig with their pickaxe or hoe through the contour of the rocks and discover the chest and other valuable resources without much difficulty.

    Viking Tombs give players the chance to collect gold coins and rare gemstones early in Valheim, before progressing to the point where they venture into the Black Forest and complete dungeons with similar items. 

    As players level up, they can use their collected gold coins, as well as their amber pearls, rubies, and silver necklaces, to purchase items from the Haldor merchant after discovering their location.

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