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    Valheim: how to find leather scraps

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    In Valheim, players will unlock new recipes as they find items, and few resources are as important at the start of the game as scrap leather.

    In Valheim, the early access survival game about making the journey to Valhalla, finding new items and resources is how players will unlock crafting recipes. One of the most important early game items is scrap leather, which will unlock vital recipes that players will need to progress through the game. Obtaining leather scraps is surprisingly easy, but players will need to be cautious when obtaining the first batch of this resource.

    Chunks of leather can drop from wild boar and deer when they are killed. While deer might seem like the best option, these animals are nervous and will run when they see a threat. Boars are the best early game targets, although they are more dangerous and will attack players who get too close.

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    From the initial spawn point, the wild boars will be roaming the forest near the embankment to the left of the glowing red totem. Players scouring the terrain will discover some wood and stones that can be turned into clubs or axes. These items can be crafted even without access to a crafting bench by pressing Tab to open the inventory and then selecting them from the crafting menu on the right side.

    When players approach a wild boar, it will attack, but it can be easily avoided. He will die after three hits with an ax or club or can even be killed with one punch without much trouble. Boars can drop chunks of leather when they die, but it's not a guaranteed drop. The forest will have a lot of wild boars that will be happy to fight you, which makes them a good source of leather scraps early in the game. Later in the game, players will be able to tame wild boars and breed them, making it much easier to obtain this resource.

    Players will be happy to know that Valheim has a selection of weapons, including bows that can be crafted from the workbench. Bows will make hunting deer easier as you can catch them from afar before they have a chance to run, making them another great source of leather scraps. As the game progresses, players will be able to build houses, build all kinds of tools and plant seeds on their farms. Leather scraps are an important resource throughout the game and ensuring a steady supply will be vital to success.

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