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Stunlock Studios has revealed that their next game, V Rising, will be coming to PC in the form of a beta later this year. The team also held a new Q&A, shedding some light on the Vampire-themed survival game.

Source: Official game page on Steam

The survival game will see players competing to be the next Dracula, according to marketing director Johan Ilves. This is slightly different from previous Stunlock titles, although in the Q&A posted on his website, Johan mentions that this is due to a desire to do something different and "try something new".

V Rising will see players set in a vast open world, complete with multiple biomes such as forests, farms, caves, and more. According to Ilves, there are a few things players can do in the world of V Rising, from joining a faction to exploring the lore and history of the world behind Vampire's fantasy.

“V Rising offers a vast open world, with room for at least 50 castles per server, where you can move freely between regions. The most prominent parts of the map consist of lush forests and open farms with villages and caves/dungeons. We're also working on a visual storytelling, and you'll be able to discover clues on the map of the past, when vampires ruled the world. There will be bosses, as well as random encounters of patrolling humans and vicious vampire hunters. It is a world of conflict where vampires, humans and various creatures coexist in a delicate balance. We have a faction system, so there will also be clashes between different NPCs, bandits attacking farmers, wolves attacking bandits, etc. The mystery is in what lies ahead, exploring the world and bumping into everything from bandits, undead, witches.”

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April 1th 2022

Players will also be able to engage in mounted combat, though you'll need to take care of your mount to ensure other vampires (and more) don't kill your steed. And while the Q&A sheds a little light on the vampire survival game, Ilves claims that one of the most interesting mechanics is your survival when it comes to hiding from the sun.

“In my opinion, hiding from the sun is one of the coolest survival elements in V Rising. Visually, we've made the night very pleasant, so that you, as a player, feel at home at night, like a vampire, while the day is a little darker. The night is longer than the day to give you plenty of hunting time. You can still explore the world during the day by moving around in the shadows, as any prolonged exposure to sunlight will burn you to ashes. "

You can check out the full Q&A on the Stunlock website, as it goes a little bit into the lore and PvP combat you'll find in V Rising. Based in Skvode, Sweden (the same city as Valheim developer Iron Gate), the studio is working on V Rising with plans to release it in beta later this year, though no official date has been given.

You can check out the official trailer for the game below.

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