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Want to know how to build a castle in V Rising? Building a well-fortified castle is one of the first things you'll want to do in Stunlock Studio's new survival MMO V Rising. However, there are many steps to take before you have the gothic castle of your dreams, and it might not be as easy as you think. While you could just throw in some wooden walls and call it a day, this won't really be classified as a castle in V Rising, which might leave you baffled.

As building a castle is an important quest in V Rising, we are here to help. In this guide, we will explain how to build a castle room in V Rising and give you some tips on how to improve and defend your castle.


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How to build a castle in V Rising

To start building a castle in V Rising, you must place a Castle Heart. This is a small blood supply that powers everything inside your castle and allows you to mark the boundaries of your base. After all, if there's one thing any good vampire respects, it's personal space. With that in mind, you'll need to mark your castle's territory using borders. You can do this by going to the Basics tab in the build menu, which you access with the “B” key.

Once you've placed your borders, it's time to look at the other options in your build menu. These will include walls, floors, gates, and various other decorations for your lair. You'll also gain access to crafting stations as you go through V Rising bosses, which allow you to craft better materials like planks and stone bricks . These crafting stations must be placed within the confines of your castle and will only work if your Castle Heart has blood essence. Otherwise, your Castle Heart will start to decay.

After you've made a few craft stations, you'll want to erect some walls to protect your castle. While you can use a private server or join PvE lobbies to avoid fighting other players, there are many dangerous enemies in V Rising that will attack your base. However, the standard wooden palisades that you have access to from the start will not classify as a castle. To build a suitable castle, you must build and interact with a Research Table, which will unlock the castle crafting tab in the building menu.

To make a castle, you must use the reinforced walls and floors found in the Castle Building tab. They cost more resources to build than stockades, as each reinforced wall requires 6 planks and 10 stone bricks, so you will need to accumulate a lot of materials to build multiple rooms. While you can't just place the roofs in the same way, building a closed room will automatically generate a roof.

Other building tips in V Rising

Now that you know how to establish your first castle, it's time to start thinking about expansion. A powerful vampire lord must have a castle befitting his status, so we have some tips that will help you create the best castle in V Rising.

Get ready to advance on the map

During the first few hours in V Rising, you'll probably want to take down a base as quickly as possible. The first few quests will slowly teach you how to build the main crafting stations, and you'll spend a lot of time slashing the bosses scattered throughout Farbane Forest.

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However, as you improve your gear score and get stronger, you'll start to spend a lot more time in other areas of Vardoran's world. Dunley Farmlands is the key region for players between levels 20 and 50, while high level players will want to explore the Silverlight Hills. Getting to these locations from Farbane Woods takes a lot of time, so we recommend making your own castle somewhere more central, like Dunley Farmlands.

High points on the map are particularly popular, but also consider placing a base near the iron mine in Dunley Farmlands or the silver mine in Silverlight Hills. Having easy access to these resources is incredibly important for making endgame gear.

Use mist braziers outside

While the interior of your castle will likely take up most of your territory, you may also want some outdoor space for your base. If you want an outdoor section, we recommend placing mist braziers around it. Mist braziers cast a shadow to keep you from taking damage from sunlight while you're outside, so spreading some around their base will allow you to relax in nature while avoiding the harmful rays.

Be warned that mist braziers use bones for fuel, so you won't be able to leave them all the time without hunting.

Place a gate to prevent other players from breaking in

If you want your castle to be a private space, you will need to place a gate at the entrance. This prevents other players from simply entering your castle. On PvE servers, players will only be able to pass through your castle gates if you let them in. On PvP servers, hostile players can use explosives to blow up their gates, but they still act as an important defense for those who haven't unlocked explosive crates.

If you're still making a quick wooden base or have upgraded to a full stone castle, you'll find gates in the build menu. However, you will need to place an entrance before placing a gate, so check the cost of resources for both parties.

Use minions to defend your castle

As you progress through V Rising quests, you will unlock the Servant Coffin Recipe and the Dominant Presence power. You can use this power to enslave humans and send them to your castle, where they can perform different tasks to make your vampiric life easier. If you are on a PvP server, we suggest using these servers to defend your base. You can have them patrol around, ensuring they are always alert and ready for any attack should another player choose to lay siege to your castle.

Of course, any novice vampire will be able to rip and tear apart ordinary peasants with ease. To ensure your minions defend well, be sure to provide them with the best weapons in V Rising so they can do a lot of damage.

It's important to note that you'll also need a throne that you can command your servants from, but you'll also unlock this by progressing through quests.

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