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    Upcoming PC strategy games in 2021

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    Fonte: Relic Entertainment

    While you're here, why not check out some other strategy games that we think have potential that haven't been released yet.


    “It's not past RTS time yet,” said World Edge in our first ever interview with Age of Empires 4 with the Microsoft-backed team in 2019, and if the level of detail and enthusiasm they brought to the table is any indication, let's not argue.

    While information about the fourth Age of Empires game has been sparse, we finally got a good look at the game thanks to a fan-focused preview even in April 2021. There's a lot to be excited about and the release date of Age of Empires 4 was scheduled for  October 28th, 2021 .

    Fonte: warhammer 3


    We all knew this was coming, and the third installment in Creative Assembly's Warhammer Fantasy strategy game franchise was confirmed in February with a very evil trailer that we've gone through in excruciating detail, for reasons.

    We know Kislev will be one of the stars of the show, which proves to be a tide of no less than four factions of the Chaos Demon invading the Old World, but a surprise run of Warhammer 3 appeared in the form of Cathay as well. 

    Beyond that, there's still a lot to be revealed, but we've gathered everything we know about Total War: Warhammer III in a single guide, especially the release date. It's available for pre-order at places if you're already looking for someone to take your money.

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    To be honest, there are a ton of really interesting strategy projects on the horizon next year. We'll update this section of the list to toggle the upcoming indie projects that look cool. Previously, we introduced Terra Invicta, which is the new game from the creators of XCOM's Long War.

    Now let's highlight Falling Frontier . This is a beautiful looking space RTS and tries to strike a balance between science-based and logistics-based gameplay, and high-concept sci-fi that gives us cool-looking ships and database lasers. 

    It has a bit of an old school mentality, with the original design inspired by names like Age of Empires e Starcraft in its skirmish-based structure, but there's a more narrative-oriented campaign planned now to really flesh out the lore and give the beautiful environments life and a sense of purpose. 

    One to watch, we have no doubt, and its target is a late 2021 release.


    Announced in July 2021, Relic is pushing the envelope to deliver the definitive sequel to Company of Heroes. The title's feature is a new campaign layer, which is essentially the developers saying "screw it, let's put Total War on top". 

    The ambition of this game is impressive and we hope it pays off as there are a lot of new elements that Relic will need to master.

    The RTS side of things still looks good. The changes here are more subtle, but just as powerful. 

    You can now breach hot-occupied buildings to clear them, and the interaction between height and cover has also been improved, allowing for more diverse maps and realistic tactics as you fight up and down the Mediterranean, a first for strategy war games conventional, much less the series in general.

    Don't just take our word for it, you can check out a pre-alpha build now (until early August 2021), though please note that the system requirements are pretty heavy right now. We can't expect this one to be released a year from now, at the end of 2022.

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