Ubisoft marks all in-house games as original

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Are Ubisoft-published indies ongoing?

All games made by Ubisoft's in-house studios will now be marked as "Ubisoft Originals“. This was first seen with The division heartland last week, but what's interesting about the rebrand is that Ubisoft doesn't currently publish games from any outside developers. Is this due to a change?

A spokesperson for Ubisoft told Eurogamer , “Moving forward, the mention 'The Ubisoft Original' is attached to all Ubisoft games created in-house by our talented developers." The text certainly indicates that Ubisoft plans to start publishing from developers from its own bubble.

Source: Ubisoft
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Other publishers have started publishing independent games, such as EA's own initiative, which is called, curiously, EA Originals. TO Epic, in turn, is now proud to have the itch.io in your own store, allowing you to immerse yourself in a world of new games from industry newbies with little difficulty. Maybe the Ubisoft start doing the same.

If that is the case, the 'Originals' label clearly differentiates what is done by the publisher first hand, i.e. its Assassin’s Creeds e Far Cry’s, than is published by them, but not developed directly.

This could strengthen the Ubisoft and your service, the Connect, but it could also be a boon for indie developers trying to bring their games to a wider audience. That if the cut that the Ubisoft does not be too big. 

However, it's all just speculation right now, what is known is that this new suffix is ​​being applied to Ubisoft's in-house titles and what that entails.

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