Ubisoft is providing “alternative housing” for employees in Ukraine

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After Russia's invasion of Ukraine yesterday, many game studios and companies in the eastern European country have started to speak up and provide updates on what the near future holds for them. A major game developer with a presence in Ukraine is Ubisoft, which has studios based in the capital Kiev and the coastal port city of Odesa.

In an earlier statement provided to Eurogamer, Ubisoft states that it is “monitoring the situation closely and has already implemented a number of measures to help keep our teams in Ukraine safe,” but did not go into specific details. A further statement posted on Ubisoft's Twitter says the developer is also providing "financial support" to its employees. 

However, at the last minute, the GAMER PORTAL found that the Ubisoft team in Ukraine not only received their salaries in advance, but also received alternative accommodation in neighboring countries for employees and their families.

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“Across Ubisoft, our hearts are with our teams in Ukraine and we are providing support and assistance as they navigate this difficult time,” Ubisoft told The Loadout. “The safety and well-being of our teams and their families is our primary concern, and Ubisoft is fully mobilized to support them in the future.

“Over the past few months, Ubisoft has closely monitored the situation and implemented measures to help protect our teams. Last week, we recommended that our employees take refuge in a place they deem safe. Ubisoft provided all team members in Ukraine with additional funds to help them cover exceptional costs such as those related to their travel and relocation, and paid salaries in advance to compensate for any potential disruption to banking systems.

“Ubisoft is providing housing in neighboring countries where teams and their families can shelter if they want and can. To ensure a close connection with all teams, we created hotlines to respond to your questions and needs and implemented an emergency communication system in case infrastructure becomes unstable. We will continue to adapt and reinforce our assistance as the situation evolves.”

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