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    Ubisoft and Aim Lab will help you get better at Rainbow Six Siege

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    Source: Aim Lab

    It seems that Ubisoft wants to help you “git gud” in Rainbow Six Siege. The developer has partnered with Aim Lab to create an official training program for the game.

    Aim Lab is a creative studio that lets you build maps and training tasks to improve your game. “You can create custom maps with insane outdoor terrain, hundreds of items, and a variety of different bots and behaviors with custom paths,” according to their website.

     Basically, you can create custom maps and tasks that will help you improve your skill in games like Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Valuing, Call of Duty and now Rainbow Six Siege.

    Source: Aim Lab

    "Aim Lab has recreated the fundamentals of the Rainbow Six Siege experience in graybox versions of Oregon and Clubhouse, two of the most popular maps in the game," said Ubisoft's announcement. 

    “Rainbow Six Siege's physics has also been replicated within these environments, giving opportunities to become more comfortable with player movements, weapon recoil, and overall map flow and movement. 

    Aim Lab will also add new tasks and features that teach fundamental skills beyond the basics, such as recoil control, input fragmentation, and others that require slightly more advanced skills. ”

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    April 1th 2022

    In addition to practicing and improving their siege skills, participants will also receive rewards like an exclusive Aim Lab skin. 

    The players of PC will be able to download the Aim Steam Lab for free and start practicing as soon as possible; console gamers will have to wait a while.

    Fonte: Aim Lab on Steam

    Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter games out there. The constant support of Ubisoft for the game has ensured its popularity over the six years since its release. 

    While very popular, the game includes a number of skills, teamwork features, and other aspects that can be a little intimidating for newer players. 

    Fortunately, the training program of the Aim Lab inspires confidence in players who hesitate to enter the game after so long.

    Ubisoft's other partnership, with AbleGamers Charity , resulted in Rainbow Six Siege grossing over $170.000 (954.770,66 reais)

    The collaboration involved the release of a package that included a uniform, weapon skin, amulet and helmet, all adorned with the organization's logo.

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