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Against Squad and Battle Royale are Free Fire's two main game modes. Both modes have separate ranking systems that distinguish players based on their skill thresholds.

In Contra Squad mode, two teams of four players each face each other in seven rounds. The team that emerges victorious in four of these rounds will be declared the winner.

Many players want to reach the highest levels of the mode Against Squad to get better rewards at the end of the season. However, leveling up is not easy and players have to work hard regularly to win matches and level up.

This article provides players with tips that can help them rank faster in Free Fire's Contra Squad mode.

1 hour of push

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The sort push time is one of the most important factors to consider when trying to tier up in mode. Against Squad. Players should start grinding in the early stages of the season to face less competition.

This is the perfect time for players to start grinding, as Season 6 of Free Fire Contra Squad started April 15 at 14:30 pm.

2 Playing with similar teammates

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Proper communication and coordination help players boost their ranks in the Against Squad. Playing with teammates with similar gameplay will increase the player's chances of emerging victorious in a match.

Random teammates hardly communicate well, making it difficult for the player to win on the battlefield.

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3 Buy properly

combat preparation

Not so Against Squad, players must purchase items such as armory and weapons before a round begins. This is called the 'Combat Preparedness' phase.

Organizing and managing purchases together with teammates can help players maintain a proper credit balance.

4 characters

choice of characters

Free Fire characters have special abilities that can help players overcome their opponents in matches.

Players can also combine the skills of 4 characters (1 active skill and 3 passive skills). They can choose the characters best suited for them and combine their skills based on their own playstyle.

For example, players who prefer fast-paced gameplay can combine Jai and Jota's skills to easily defeat their opponents.

5 Avoid early battles

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Avoiding the first few battles can help players immensely in the Against Squad.

Instead of playing aggressively, players can try to gain control of important compounds and buildings on the map. This will help them maintain a strategic advantage over their opponents.

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