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    Top 10 short PC games

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    Most video games of this era are long and complicated affairs. But what amazing PC games can be completed in a few hours?

    The beauty of games lies in the simple fact that there is something for everyone. For people who want to lose themselves for countless hours in a virtual world far away, there are open-world RPGs, such as Skyrim and The Witcher 3, and for those who crave a more cinematic experience, there are story-driven games like The Last. of Us. Big developers try to load as much as possible into a game as they want players to spend as much as possible on their product.

    On the other hand, most indie games are relatively smaller in size and can be seen as small adventures, suitable for those who don't have a lot of free time to spare. For your convenience, these are just a few games that can certainly be completed in a day.

    What Remains Of Edith Finch (2017): Aproximadamente 2 Hours

    Source: Official game page on Steam

    Since its founding in 2016, Annapurna Games (a subdivision of Annapurna Pictures) has published some highly acclaimed indie games that are all more artistically beautiful than the others, and What Remains of Edith Finch is one of their biggest hits so far.

    At the center of the story is the titular Finch family and the strange phenomenon that surrounds them. Except for one person, every other family member of each generation ends up dead in one way or another. For those who don't believe that video games can also be an art form, this is the answer.

    Firewatch (2016): Approximately 4 Hours

    Source: Official game page on Steam

    Firewatch puts the player in the shoes of a ranger working in a certain national forest, which is actually a lot more fun than it sounds. Like many other indie games, the game's narrative is its strongest point, made even more so by the fact that, in terms of gameplay, there's little to do but walk around and talk to a character named Delilah via a walkie. -talkie.

    Underneath its simple premise is a larger mystery at work, and the experience of reaching the end of the story is atmospheric and lonely, which is really part of the charm.

    ABZĂ› (2016): Approximately 2 Hours

    Source: Official game page on Steam

    For people who have always wanted to embark on an underwater adventure but never had the chance, ABZĂ› presents the experience in all its beauty. Subnautica is a more famous member of this niche video game category, but ABZĂ› comes with the advantage of being very short.

    But in that short time, players can explore a vibrant and lively (marine) world like no other. However, relaxing with fish is not the only thing to do, as there are mysteries to be discovered as well.

    Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons (2013): Approximately 3 Hours

    Source: Official game page on Steam

    As the title so directly says, the game tells the story of two brothers on a journey to obtain a certain special type of water from a place called the Tree of Life, which they need to heal their sick father.

    The unique gameplay has the player controlling two characters at the same time (one controller is mandatory to play) as they solve various puzzles and cross many obstacles together. The Switch version of the game allows for a fun co-op experience with a friend (or maybe a sibling) too, while on the other platforms it's strictly single-player.

    A Short Hike (2019): Approximately 1,5 hours

    Source: Official game page on Steam

    Developed by a one-man team (Adam Robinson-Yu), A Short Hike takes players on a journey worthy of the name as it involves lots of hiking and can be completed in a matter of hours. The protagonist Claire is a young bird visiting her aunt at Hawk Peak Provincial Park. Cell phone reception in the park is poor, except at its highest point, called Hawk Peak, and the game's premise revolves around Claire trying to get to the top of the hill.

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    It's not just a glorified mountaineering simulator, as there are countless other side activities to do that involve interacting with other animals.

    Inside (2016): Approximately 3,5 hours

    Source: Official game page on Steam

    Few games express the feeling of a dark, dystopian setting as subtly and clearly as Interior. At no time is the player informed of what is really happening in the world of Inside, but the sinister and depressing aura present at all times is impossible to ignore.

    The visuals are like nothing else, mostly monochrome, mixing classic 2D side-scrolling platformer style with unique 3D animations. Limbo, the spiritual predecessor to Inside from the same developer, shares many of the same traits.

    Donut County (2017): Approximately 2 Hours

    Source: Official game page on Steam

    Some games allow the player to play as humans, some as aliens, others as animals (mostly geese or goats). In Donut County, the player is literally a hole in the ground that needs to grow in size by “eating” things available in the surrounding area.

    To clear the levels, all objects on the map need to be devoured, which isn't as easy as it sounds, as there are some intriguing sequences to solve. There's even a plot, featuring a talking raccoon named BK, who runs a donut shop with her friend Mira.

    Portal (2007): Approximately 3 Hours

    Source: Official game page on Steam

    Having created games like Left 4 Dead and Half-Life, few studios have been as influential in the PC gaming industry as Valve, and Steam is considered the place to go to buy PC games. Portal is seen as a pioneer in terms of puzzle-platforming, and its gameplay still holds up to this day 14 years after its release, which certainly makes it worthy of a recommendation.

    Players are given a “portal gun” that can create traversable portals that can connect any two places, which makes for crazy fun and creative puzzle solving.

    Superhot (2016): Approximately 2,5 hours

    Source: Official game page on Steam

    The game's tagline is "time only passes when you do", and it's as good a description of the game as any.

    Players are confined in a restricted setting and have to deal with multiple enemies that are shooting at them. The fun part is that enemies (and bullets) only move when the player does. This is a smart exercise for the brain, where you need to decide exactly when and how to move, as the wrong step will likely result in instant death in this fast-paced but not fast-paced FPS either.

    The Darkside Detective (2017): Approximately 3,5 hours

    Source: Official game page on Steam

    Pixel games have found new life in recent years as people have come to appreciate the aesthetics even more, and it has become the style of choice for many indie developers.

    A detective story set in the fictional town of Twin Lakes, this point and click adventure game is sure to take players back to the gaming era of the late 90s. pop culture all the time. The names of the cases to be solved are a good example, such as “Malice in Wonderland”, “Tome Alone” and more.

    This was our list of the best short PC games. Stay tuned on our website for more news and tips about the world of games. Take care and until next time!

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