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    Titanfall 2: It has over 750% player growth on Steam

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    Respawn's 2016 shooter Titanfall 2 saw a resurgence of player activity on the Steam , with concurrent users increasing by over 750% compared to two weeks ago.

    The huge increase in interest surrounding the title appears to be driven by a 75% sale price, which aired on April 15th.

    According to SteamDB , the discount made Titanfall 2's active player count jump 650% in two days. Shortly after, the game broke its all-time player record with just under 17.000.

    Although Titanfall 2 was released in 2016, it was not added to the Steam last summer. The game's previous all-time concurrent player record was 13.603, achieved shortly after its addition to the platform.

    The increase in players was likely also driven by the recent announcement of the new season of Apex Legends , which makes direct reference to Titanfall's characters and story points. Battle Royale has over 100 million players, according to the EA .

    Previous Titanfall 2 discounts have resulted in much smaller increases in active players.

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    Fonte: SteamDB

    In part due to a difficult release window that saw it compete directly with Call of Duty e Battlefield, Titanium case 2 sold well, but not as well as Respawn would like, the studio said in 2017.

    Respawn previously said that it has delayed plans for new Titanfall games so it can focus on supporting Apex Legends after the explosive growth of the Battle Royale game.

    And given Apex's continued success, the CFO da EA Blake Jorgensen hinted in October 2019 that Respawn was unlikely to return to Titanfall 3 in the near future.

    Fonte: Apex Legends: Legacy

    “We really want to keep the team hyper-focused on Apex because we see there's a lot of opportunity there, so I can't give you an idea of ​​when [Titanfall 3] will come, but it's still a big brand and we certainly won't forget about it in the future. ", he said.

    Last summer, the Respawn announced a second studio in Vancouver , which said it will focus on the ongoing development of Apex Legends. More recently, the company reported that it was contracting an original game that is in development.

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