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Free Fire is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Garena. At the Free Fire , you land on a barren island. You look for weapons and resources that increase your chances of survival and then you eliminate other players; you win the game if you are the last survivor left.

In 2019, Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game and received the 'Best Popular Voting Game' award from the Google Play Store.

This guide is intended for players who are new to the game. Free Fire and want to learn the game from the very beginning.

1. Downloading and running Free Fire for the first time

If you still don't have Free Fire installed on your phone, it's time to download it. To do this, access the game on the Play Store if you have an Android device or on the App Store if you have an Apple device. We suggest that you use a Wi-Fi connection to download the game. Likewise, as this is an exclusively online and multiplayer game, we advise you to play only when you have Wi-Fi.

After the download is complete, the game will install automatically. When you run it, you will have the option to access it as a Guest or to Login with your Facebook account. No matter which one you choose, you'll need to choose a username and, before you can even access the game's main menu, you'll be sent to your very first Free Fire match!

2. The plane's first jump

At this point your character will be inside a plane with 49 other players (or bots). At any time you want, you can jump out of the plane by pressing the “Jump” button and direct your character to the desired area. While you are gliding in the air, you can accelerate your fall by pressing the “Fall” or “Accelerate” button. At any time you want, you can open the parachute by pressing “Open”. Don't worry about falling because if you don't press the button it will still open by itself when you reach a certain height.

3. Understanding on-screen buttons

As soon as you touch the ground your screen will be filled with buttons. You can customize the position and size of the buttons whenever you want in the Settings menu, but on your first game they will look the same as the image above. According to each number highlighted in the image:

  • 1 – Opens the emotes (animations) menu,
  • 2 – Expand the minimap so you can see the entire map.
  • 3 – Use First Aid Kits you have found.
  • 4 – Open the inventory.
  • 5 – Moves the character to the desired direction.
  • 6 – Makes the character run.
  • 7 – Shoot.
  • 8 – Lie on the floor.
  • 9 – Crouch.
  • 10 - Red.
  • 11 – Open the sight of the weapon.
  • 12 – Switch between primary, secondary, pistol and fists.

4. Understand the general rules of the game

Now, it's time to learn what to do in Free Fire. Below are the general rules for all currently available modes:

Battle Royale

Battle Royale mode is the default Free Fire mode you are entered into when starting the game for the first time. In the main menu, it is highlighted as “classic mode"and "Ranked Match”. In both modes, 50 players parachute into desired locations on the map. When they reach the ground, the objective is to look for items (loots) scattered around the scenario and, basically, survive. For that, you will need to kill some (or many) players.

Over the course of the match, the map is gradually reduced so that players are forced to move closer to each other. This area is easily identified on the map and minimap through a circle. Periodically, on-screen messages show when the circle begins to close. Also, every now and then you will see (or hear) a plane passing over the map. He will drop a crate containing various high quality equipment. Driving to this box is risky as it will attract the attention of many players.

The match ends when only one player, duo or team is alive.

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Against Squad

A much faster mode where two teams of 4 players face each other in a best of 7 rounds. The scenario is much smaller and the only objective is to eliminate the rival team. When one of the teams has 4 victories, the game ends. It also has Classic and Ranked mode.

Unlike the Battle Royale mode, in Contra Squad players need to buy their equipment at the beginning of each round.

Certified Slaughter

In Certified Kill mode, two teams of 4 players face each other to see who reaches 80 points first. In order to score, it is necessary to collect badges from dead opponents, and the more badges in a row you collect, the more points you earn. It's a more frantic mode as you return to the game immediately after dying.

5. Explore the game in Classic Mode (Casual)

There's no way. The first thing you need to do when starting to play Free Fire is to get to know the map, weapons, items and vehicles, that is, get to know the entire game so you don't get caught by surprise later. For this, there is no more effective way than playing in Classic or Casual mode.

In Classic mode, in addition to finding beginner and much lower level players, you will also find many bots (characters controlled by the game itself to complete the number of players in the scenario). Considering that they play at a very low level, they are the ideal opponent for any beginner player, since with them you will be able to train your aim.

An interesting tip to increase the chances of bots in the match is to choose Duo mode and disable the “Auto-formation” function.

6. Never stray from your duo or squad

If you're not playing solo, there's simply no reason for you to walk away from your partners. Both duo and squad modes are modes to be played together and with as much teamwork as possible. In this sense, some advantages of playing together are:

  • If you are close to your partners, they will be able to quickly shoot the same opponent as you, guaranteeing the kill much faster.
  • Any communication will be much faster as everyone will be able to look at the same coordinates on the compass.
  • If you are being targeted, your partners will be able to help you quickly.
  • You and your team will be able to exchange items quickly.
  • If you have good communication, your team will rarely be caught off guard.

7. Avoid being in the middle of the circle and in heavily targeted areas

For you who are just starting out, a valuable tip that will greatly accelerate your results is: avoid the middle of the circle. Try to follow the safe area around the edges, always paying close attention to the closing time. By doing this, you greatly reduce the chances of being caught from shore or being seen by many opponents at once. For those who are new to Free Fire and don't have a lot of knowledge of the map and distance, this will make you gain a lot of experience in decisive moments of the match, in addition to exercising your patience and attention.

Basically, this method consists of “putting your back to the wall”, that is, you only have to worry about what is in front of you. The same logic applies to open fields, that is, avoid being visible from many sides at the same time.

8. Discover the best weapons in the game

There's no way, just like any shooting game, in Free Fire some weapons are better than others. All of them have their own characteristics that make them unique, that is, you will like some more and hate others. Over time you choose your favorites, but it's good that you speed up this process by getting to know them in depth.

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