Tie Fighter has never looked better thanks to this total conversion

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We will never get an official remaster of the X-Wing and Tie-Fighter games, but the full Tie Fighter conversion is the second best option.

Because, let's face it, when it came to LucasArts space combat simulators, it was always more fun to be the Empire. You have to fly with Darth Vader, intimidate civilians like you own the galaxy and pretend you weren't evil even though you weren't fooling anyone but yourself.

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April 1th 2022

Now, Tie Fighter Total Conversion (when applied to a full copy of X-Wing: Alliance) will let you fly to the Empire again, this time with a graphical overhaul. True, it's not as pretty as Star Wars Squadrons, but it should be a lot of fun if it really matches the original. It's also reminding us of how good LucasArts used to be before Disney closed them down.

You can get the full conversion here, though you'll need a legitimate copy of the X-Wing Alliance, obtainable from Steam, and a little fiddling around. But when you're ready to go, even if you've played Star Wars Squadrons to death, you'll see what we've been missing since LucasArts left.

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