Thriller about Epic's upcoming free game causes players anxiety

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Another week and you know what that means – another round of free PC games from the Epic Games Store. This week you can grab the adorable adventure game, The Lion's Song, and while this is normally the point where Epic also reveals its next freebie, this time it's a mystery. Exactly like exactly a year ago when Epic gave away GTA 5 for free.

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Epic is simply calling next week's freebie a "mystery game". It will be available on May 20, on the usual Epic Games Store promotion page. As always, you will simply 'buy' the game at a price of R$0 and it will remain in your library like anything else you can spend real money on.

This mysterious game is likely to be something quite remarkable. The GTA promotion started alongside Epic's Mega Sale a year ago, and it's likely that the company is looking for another freebie to help woo the store's interest.

As such, it's worth staying tuned to the Epic Store to find out what great title the company can give its players. But don't worry, we at Portal do Gamer will also do it for you. Take care and until next time!

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