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    This will change games forever

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    Ziva Dynamics may have just revolutionized gaming with its Ziva RT tool, which creates “virtual humans” that are realistic and can run in game engines in real-time.

    So, first of all, this Ziva RT tool was built by Ziva Dynamics, which was acquired by Unity even today, that is, for the sake of lesser complexity, I mean all this being developed by Unity. I understood? Nice.

    Alright, get this: Unity created Emma, ​​and Emma is a realistic virtual human. We've now had our fair share of realistic AI, but this is the first that can be rendered and used in game engines. In truth, the tool should make this possible for all skill levels, which means even scrub-devs can have realistic digital character creation .

    How is this possible? Because the character runs in real-time, which means that not every frame needs powerful power to render. How this works I don't understand either, but it simply means you don't need a $1 billion computer (R$5.444.806.172,40 Reais) to run this.

    We’re taking real-time character creation to the next level 🙋‍♀️ 👹 🐊 Unity + @ZivaDynamics are making realistic, lifelike character creation accessible and scalable for all artists.

    Read more on the blog 👉

    — Unity (@unity) January 24, 2022
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    Now, of course, we've had some games like that. Red Dead Redemption e The Last of Us come to mind, but these are games made by big teams, with manpower and money to spare. Small teams often cannot deliver graphics on such a scale, as smaller animations can take months to complete or require motion capture and the whole film-circus business.

    With this tool, creators simply take a 3D model, upload it, and within an hour get back a face that looks motion-captured and realistic, just like the one above. From here, the animations simply need to be tweaked without much technical knowledge or manpower required.

    Some games, like the next one Senua's Saga: Hellblade II already have this tool, and it could be argued that Hellblade 2 is one of the best looking games of all time. If ease of use is as advertised, this could just revolutionize gaming, because I'll repeat it again: Technically, this means even scrub-devs can have graphics like the tweet above. 

    You understand what I'm saying here, right? In fact, forget about games, think of the applications this could have outside of games, like in independent film production. Tools like this that make the complex affordable allow creators to really focus on creating rather than worrying about funding

    A simple comparison is photo editing, what needed intense photoshop skills just a few years ago can now be handled by free downloadable apps on any smartphone.

    Apps like this are giving power back to creators, so I applaud Unity for what they're doing here and can't wait to see how it affects the gaming world.

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