The Witcher 3: How to complete the Gangs of Novigrad quest?

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Here is a complete guide to the quest Gangs of Novigrad em The Witcher 3.

There are a lot of nasty individuals in The Witcher 3 , and one of the worst is crime boss Whoreson Junior. Ciri had a falling out with the man when he was in Novigrad. So when playing as Geralt, you need to find him.

During your quest, you can enlist the help of another crime boss in Cleaver (aka Carlo Varese). When you get the dwarf's help, you start the quest The Gangs Of Novigrad. In this mission, you and Cleaver's team dig through some of Junior's business in an attempt to find the bad man. Here's everything you need to do to complete the quest.

Starting to search

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You acquire this mission after Junior's men attack the Dijkstra bathhouse . And to start it, you need to go to the Hierarch Square in Novigrad to find and speak with Cleaver . say "Alright, I'll help your men" in the following conversation, and the criminal will ask you to lead his crew against Junior's casino and arena.

Cleaning the Casino

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After talking to Cleaver, look for your people near the Whoreson Casino, which is near the Oxenfurt gate . Talk to Cleaver's henchmen, then lead them around the corner to the casino - don't stray too far when they're following you, otherwise the mission will fail

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Outside the target building will be two guards that you and your new friends can easily take out. Then enter, where they will be more common enemies, holding swords or staves. Using a mixture of Igni and slashes from a mighty steel sword will be enough to kill them.

Go to the next floor to find more of it before going up another level. At the top will be two more guards that you need to take out before open the door to find a halfling strapped to a chair. Talk to the guy to find out more about what Junior is up to. So you can let him go (“run”) or keep him tied up (“stay a while”). The first action triggers the mission Honor among thieves .

cleaning the arena

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Ao around the corner from the casino, next to the city wall, may find himself once again with Cleaver's henchmen. Talk to the crew to start the attack the arena, which is just up the road, heading northwest . The entrance is guarded by two normal human enemies that are easy to take down.

Enter the secret area to find many more of Junior's henchmen that you can defeat in any way you like. Keep going deeper into the caves , eliminating groups of enemies along the way. their latest collection will include a tougher criminal who uses a shield . It's best to try rolling backwards to attack from behind, maybe even using Yrden to help you. When everyone is dead, the objective is complete. .

back to cleaver

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With Junior's two businesses destroyed, you must return to Cleaver, which is in the same place as before. Start a conversation with the dwarf and tell him that you went to “Junior's bar”. After a little more talk, Carlo will reward you with 300 coins plus 50 experience, which signals the end of the mission.

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