The super braves are coming to World of Warships

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Wargaming, developer and publisher of the free online naval combat game World of Warships (WoWS), today released update 0.10.5, which brings a flurry of new features to the game along with other improvements and additions.

Enter the Great Battle

The new temporary Grand Battle mode puts players in an alternate history where the ships' main batteries precede the aviation on deck. Players will take command of new super battleships from a time when navies focused on pure firepower. The mode assigns players the task of commanding tier IX-X ships, including super battleships, in a 9v9 battle with a limit of three super battleships allowed for each side.

Coming to sea are the Satsuma, a project inspired by the famous Yamato with astonishing 510mm cannons, and the Hannover, a version of the Project H-42 with 483mm cannons, both housed in four twin-cannon turrets. The Hannover's secondary battery also carries a 128mm dual-purpose artillery.

World of Warships players gain Intelligence Reports a new type of temporary resource collected daily by logging in for the first time of the day and playing in the Great Battle with tier IX-X ships to gain the opportunity to command these mighty ships. Rewards for participating in dedicated combat missions include Dazzling expendable camouflages, a commemorative flag, and the Great Battle patch.

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German destroyers hit key servers

Fresh out of early access, the German destroyer branch is now available on the main servers. Tier VII Z-31, Tier VIII Gustav Julius Maerker, Tier IX Felix Schultz, and Tier X Elbing are all available for research.

These ships combine accurate main batteries with destructive AP shells, culminating in high penetration and damage with improved bounce angles. For full details on new ships coming to World of Warships, click here.

Commemoration of US Independence with Summer Battles

With the release of update 0.10.5, four themed groups of combat missions called Summer Battles will guide players to receive, along with camouflages and signal flags, the final reward for battleship Colorado in her new permanent Independence Day camouflage, next to a themed auction.

Finally, additional World of Warships features include major changes to some game mechanics, such as the removal of friendly fire and changes to the rocket launch mechanics of all attack aircraft.

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