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We all know how good Valorant skins can be for slimming our wallets. However, some collections do this much better than others! Here are the 5 most expensive skin packs in the game , and trust us, the prices of some of them are truly astronomical. But after all, they are more than just “pixels”.

5. Valuing Champions Bundle (6600 Valuing Points)

So maybe this package wasn't the most expensive in the world; it used to cost only 6600 Valorant Points and it's nowhere near the last slide in this gallery . However, Vandal (2675 VPs) and Karambit (5350 VPs) correspond to the skin costs of the Ultra-tiered sets. 
and remember that this was also a limited collection, which means it will never (!) appear in the store again , which significantly increases its value. For example, in the market for selling accounts (yes, we know it's against Riot's ToS, but it happens), an account with these skins will have a much higher value over time. | © Riot Games
4. RGX 11Z PRO (8700 Valorant Points)

So this line of skins costs the same as all those “a little pricey premium packs” like Glitchpop, Singularity, etc.; so why do we choose? Well, mainly because you unlock the skin's potential only after leveling it , which increases its cost. This famous StatTrak doesn't come for free , and to actually access it, you have to spend your Radianite Points. And, of course, the Katana, which is just a no-cost switchblade to level up. It's a curiousity - these skins are also used by Kourtney Kardashian! | © Riot Games
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3. PROTOCOL 781-A (9900 Valorant Points)

Has anyone asked for “Halo-type” weapons? Well, you have them now. PROTOCOL 781-A is the Ultra-tier pack that came out with Episode 4 and Neon, the new Duelist Agent, so this is the skin collection with which Riot opened 2022 for Valorant . 
Ah, it will be difficult for the next collections to match this one. It's so clean! Even the pink and white variant looks pretty scary. Also, when you upgrade these skins to level 5, they literally start talking to you after scoring a frag , which is quite unique.| © Riot Games
2. Elderflame (9900 Valorant Points)

Elderflame was the first ever Ultra-tiered collection and was released a month after the game's official release. While Riot has added a lot of awesome skins to the game since then, Elderflame is still one of the most prestigious collections out there. 
What makes it more expensive is that you need to level up ; like, this Melee skin doesn't look so good without being on fire. And, of course, these reload animations where the dragon “takes” our ammo are so polished that getting rid of all your savings doesn't hurt so much. | © Riot Games
1. Zedd x Spectrum (10.700 Pontos Valorant)

So, it's time to bring you the most expensive Valorant skin pack in the game, the Spectrum collection, created in collaboration with Zedd, a well-known EDM music producer. Even though it's a collection of Ultra tiers, the entire pack would cost up to 10.700 Valorant Points, which is somewhere around $100 (800 Valorant Points more than other Ultra packs). 
Still, these are really refined skins, and even the weapon selection is great for this particular design. And whatever your taste, Spectrum weapon skins come in 4 different colors, White (Standard), Black, Red and Purple, so you're sure to find something for yourself. | © Riot Games
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