The Last of Us 2: PS5 Performance Update Released Today

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Fonte: The Last of Us 2

While it certainly generated a lot of controversy ahead of last year's release, The Last of Us 2 was a great success for Sony and N, being also one of the last great launches exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

The lack of official news has not stopped the game from continuing to be at the forefront of players' minds, largely thanks to the number of awards the game managed to win at the end of 2020 and even continuing into 2021. it even managed to break a record of longtime, raising 300 out of 576 awards of the Year possible.

Fonte: The Last of Us 2

Still, many former PS4 exclusives such as  Ghost of Tsushima  e God of War, have since capitalized on the new PlayStation 5 hardware releasing updates to support the new technology. 

However, Naughty Dog has been curiously quiet about a potential update. Last of Us 2 , even a year after release, which continued to baffle fans. Turns out the team has been taking some time to really delve into the hardware and has finally finally given fans an update on when TLoU2 will be in the next generation.

No blog to PlayStation, the communications director of N, Arne Meyer, acknowledged that one of the most requested items by the community is a PS5 performance upgrade for The Last of Us 2 . 

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As of today, the N made this a reality with the 1.08 update, which now gives players multiple options when playing the game on a PlayStation 5. Meyer also claims that this free update is just the first step, suggesting that more could be available down the road.

A trailer was also released showcasing the improvements and new options available to PS5 players, including a selectable framerate target of 30 FPS ou 60 FPS even smoother in display options. While the post and video don't go into too much detail, the PS5 version of The Last of Us 2 has been confirmed to feature improved resolutions, faster load times, and more.

No doubt this update will likely get fans new and old alike to check out the game's improvements on the PS5, which might even include some Microsoft employees as well. In a strange leak earlier this month, an internal review of Microsoft de The Last of Us 2 gave fans an insight into what Sony's biggest rival thought about the game. 

The internal memo appeared to be generally positive, highlighting attention to detail and visual quality. However, the review also mentioned that part of the game felt like a walking simulator at times and that the combat was also a little lacking. 

Still, Microsoft gave the game the highest praise, saying that the narrative elements are exceptionally done and set a standard that other games in the genre should aspire to.

The Last of Us 2 já  is available for PlayStation 4.

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