The FIFA 21 lineup lets you “gegenpress” like Jurgen Klopp's Dortmund

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Want to use the iconic “Gegenpressing” strategy in FIFA 21, just like Klopp did in Dortmund and Liverpool? You can, thanks to this mastermind guide that brings back the “Raumdeuter” and makes it stand out in FIFA.

There is no need for an introduction to just how successful the style of football from Klopp. He won several titles with Dortmund e Liverpool using the tactic counterpresentation, attacking opponents while trying to push the ball into the field.

It has become a favorite in the world of football, with some coaches like Pep Guardiola giving their own take on the aggressive pressure strategy.

However, the vision of Klopp about the press, revolving around the role of “Raumdeuter”, initially assumed by Thomas Muller, is not something you can simply activate in the FIFA 21.

However, one player has gone to great lengths to find the right tactic to put Gegenpress into action, and that is as good in FIFA as it is in real life.


Muller was an essential part of Klopp's Gegenpress in Dortmund, and he's a good CAM if you want to run him in FIFA 21 as well.

How to emulate Klopp's Gegenpress in FIFA 21: Custom Tactics

Reddit user /u/ynwaliv123 has put together a guide to the 4-2-3-1 strategy Klopp used during his time in Dortmund with Thomas Muller.

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He integrates his back into attacks, places his CDMs right in the opponent's passing lines, and pushes his forwards back to the ball after losing it.

Defense tactics

  • Defensive style: press after possession loss
  • Width: 3 bars
  • Depth: 7 bars

attack tactics

  • Offensive Style: Balanced
  • Width: 3 bars
  • Players In Box: 5 bares
  • Corners: 3 bars
  • Free Kicks: 3 compassos

player instructions

STStay central, mixed offense, normal interceptions, basic defensive support
LAMBasic defense support, box enter, free roam, normal intercepts
CAMGet back on defence, get in the box, have a ton of fun, normal interceptions
RAMGet back on defence, get in the box, have a ton of fun, normal interceptions
LDMCutting lanes, balanced attack, normal intercepts, cover wing
RDMCutting pass lanes, takedowns between defenders, normal interceptions, center coverage
LIBRAJoin the attack, normal intercepts, overlay
CBStay behind during attack, normal interceptions
RBBalanced attack, normal intercepts, overlap

While the tactic may not be for all players, and for all teams, if you are a strong football fan and have players with good work rates, you can probably succeed with Gegenpress on FIFA 21.

Image Credits: EA SPORTS

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