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    The Crew 2 – Tips to increase your speed

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    Source: Ubisoft

    With everything offered in The Crew 2, you might even take a little extra time to familiarize yourself with all the finer details as you struggle to master the races of the USA about the game. However, your chances of winning will be much better if you familiarize yourself with a few tricks when piloting planes, speedboats and cars.

    Based on the hours of gameplay we've had, we've come up with a selection of essential tips to help you control some of the hidden details of the game. The Crew 2 and start improving your speed right away.

    Master them and you'll quickly climb the leaderboards.

    Source: Ubisoft


    Based on your experience with other racing games, you may want to use the handbrake during The Crew 2 drift events. However, this is not the best way to get high scores.

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    The control model used for drifting is designed to make it as easy as possible to set your car on a sideways trajectory, with the ability to maintain that position for as long as each turn allows. So, pressing the brake button and turning the steering wheel in unison is all it takes to start a drift.

    Taking this approach gives you much more control than relying on the handbrake. Once off to the side, slow the throttle gently, rather than putting your foot on the brakes, to maintain the slip.


    This isn't a well-publicized feature in the game, but there is an "extreme" option available when flying any of the planes in the game. The Crew 2.

    With the push of a button (square on the PS4, X no Xbox One), your plane will become much more sensitive to inputs from your stick, which will increase your ability to perform daring loops, roll and fly upside down.

    This gives you more breathing room and completing aerial stunt missions, especially as they become more challenging later in the game. However, the extreme movement makes the plane more tense and difficult to control.

    Image Credits: Ubisoft

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