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Learn which weapons have the best abilities and deal the most damage in V Rising

Want to know which is the best weapon in V Rising? Stunlock's new vampire survival game takes a slightly unusual approach to weapon classes. In V rising , each weapon gives you as much extra attack damage as any other weapon, which makes for a very level playing field that lets you take whatever weapon best suits your playstyle into battle.

But try as they might, developers cannot prevent a goal from arising. Below, we'll show you our recommendations on the best weapons to use in V Rising. We'll also explain the unique specialties and abilities of each of the weapons so you can better understand the pros and cons of each of the blood-seeking implements in your arsenal.

The best weapons in V Rising

There are 7 different types of weapons available in V Rising – 6 of them melee and 1 of them ranged. Each weapon type has access to a basic attack and two abilities that are unique to that weapon class.

All types of weapons within a “tier” (eg bone weapons or bronze weapons) will give you the same basic boost to your physical power. That means all weapons are viable to take in any fight. However, thanks to the attack speeds, combos, and abilities offered by the different types of weapons, some weapons are a little more effective than others.

Here is our tier list of the best weapons in V Rising:

  1. Sword
  2. Spear
  3. Axes
  4. spade
  5. Reaper
  6. Slasher
  7. Beast

We put the Sword on top thanks to its superior damage per second and its powerful Shockwave attack, which you can use to evade enemy attacks. The Spear does not have any mobility tools, but it is unrivaled in destroying single targets.

The Axes, Mace, and Reaper are all similar attacks that do good damage per hit, but don't match the strength of faster-acting weapons.

Then there's the Slasher, which is a fun weapon type to use thanks to its cloaking ability, but its damage potential just can't match the other melee weapons. And at the rear is the Crossbow, which is obviously useful for staying in range, but on the other hand it has two pretty mediocre abilities that don't give it the best chance to match the power of the other weapon types.

Weapon skill list

As mentioned above, different weapon types in V Rising have access to various unique weapon abilities. The lower level of the basic weapon types (Sword, Axe, Mace, Spear and Crossbow) only have access to a basic attack, but higher level versions of these weapons will gain extra damage abilities. Below, we'll show you the unique abilities of each weapon type.


  • Attack Combo: 35% / 35% / 40%
  • Swirl: Spin and slash nearby enemies, dealing 35% physical damage every 0,25s for 1,1s (8s cooldown).
  • shock waves: Sends out a shockwave dealing 70% physical damage and knocking the enemy hit into the air for 1,6s. Rework the ability to teleport to the target by hitting them three times, each hit dealing 25% physical damage (8s cooldown).
  • Specialty: Vegetation

The Sword is a great all-rounder, and its high attack speed makes it ideal for builds that focus on critical hits. The Whirlwind skill is a bit lackluster, but Shockwave is a great movement skill that can help you dodge powerful attacks while your dash is on cooldown, as well as deal significant damage to a targeted enemy.


  • Attack Combo: 40% / 40% / 50%
  • A Thousand Spears: Perform a multi-stab attack, dealing 30% physical damage 8 times. Recast during effect to perform a boost attack dealing 50% physical damage and knocking back enemies (8s cooldown)
  • Harpoon: Throws a spear that deals 70% physical damage and pulls the enemy towards you (8s cooldown).
  • Specialty: Creatures
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Unlike most other weapon types, the spear does not have a wide-bow hitbox. Instead, attacks are lunges that can pierce enemies that are in a line. It is a fast attack weapon that is great for quickly taking down a single enemy with its Thousand Spears skill and for hunting down enemies with the Harpoon skill.


  • Attack Combo: 45% / 45% / 55%
  • Frenzy: Dash forward and hit the first enemy dealing 100% physical damage. Enter a frenzy state that increases your movement speed by 25% and increases attack speed by 30% for 0,8s on a successful hit (8s cooldown).
  • X-Strike: Throws two X-shaped axes. Each strike deals 85% physical damage and slows the enemy for 1,5s. Hitting an enemy where both axes intersect inflicts a 2s incapacitation (8s cooldown).
  • Specialty: Madeira

The axes act as a midpoint between the Sword and the Mace, offering reasonable damage and reasonable attack rate. Its abilities are very powerful, with Frenzy offering an extra dash and attack speed boost for a short time, and X-Strike offering a mid-range crippling attack to troublesome enemies.


  • Attack Combo: 50% / 50% / 60%
  • Crushing Blow: Head towards the cursor and slam your mace on the ground dealing 110% physical damage and inflicting a 2s fading trap (8s cooldown).
  • Smack: Hit enemies in front of you, dealing 50% physical damage, knocking them back and incapacitating them for 1,2s (9s cooldown).
  • Specialty: Mining

The Mace hits harder than any other weapon in V Rising. It's slow, so its DPS is really low, but the damage per hit is very impressive. Crushing Blow is a great gap closing skill that does high AoE damage, while Smack does the opposite, putting distance between you and an enemy.


  • Attack Combo: 50% / 50% / 55%
  • Tendon balance: Swing your reaper dealing 125% physical damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back and inflicting a 2s fading trap (8s cooldown).
  • Howling Reaper: Throw a howling reaper that spins in place dealing 20% ​​physical damage every 0,25s for 2,5s. The projectile's initial hit slows enemies for 1,5s (8s cooldown).
  • Specialty: No

The Reaper is another blunt melee weapon, but slow to use. He doesn't have the gap closing ability of the Mace, but his Tendon Swing does a massive 125% physical damage with a single attack, which immediately makes the Reaper much stronger than he looks. I care less about the Howling Reaper skill, which is pretty unpredictable in my experience.


  • Attack Combo: 27,5% / 27,5% / 35%
  • Elusive Strike: Dash back and forth slashing your enemies dealing 60% physical damage and slowing for 2s on each hit (8s cooldown).
  • Camouflage: Enter a cloaked state, increasing movement speed by 25% for 6s. Your next primary attack deals 80% physical damage and incapacitates the enemy for 3s. Using any skill breaks cloak (10s cooldown).
  • Specialty: No

The Slasher is a fast weapon that does low damage per attack, but offers a lot of utility with its two abilities. Elusive Strike is great for dodging attacks while dealing damage, while Camouflage is an excellent skill to use in any situation, especially for those who like to get close to their enemies.

The best:

  • Attack Combo: 110%
  • Rain Of Bolts: Fire a volley of 5 bolts in the air that falls on your enemies dealing 40% physical damage each in an area and inflicts a 1,5s fading trap (8s cooldown).
  • Snapshot: Fires a rapid beam that deals 75% damage, interrupts casts, and inflicts a 2s fading trap (8s cooldown).
  • Specialty: No

The Beast offers a dedicated ranged weapon that fires powerful arrows at a fairly slow rate. There's no combo attack here, just a good ol' shoot-reload-shoot mechanism. Snapshot's interrupt effect is useful against powerful enemies (and in PvP), while Rain Of Bolts does pretty mediocre damage over a wide area.

weapon damage

All weapons in V Rising deal damage using a three-hit combo. Each attack in the combo deals a certain percentage of your physical power as damage, and each weapon type also has a slightly different attack speed than the others.

Below you can find a table of the damage profiles for each weapon type, including combo attack damage, the time it takes to complete a combo, and the average damage per second for each weapon.

ArmaCombinationAttack speed (per combo)DPS
Sword35% / 35% / 40%1,39s79,14%
Spear40% / 40% / 50%1,68s77,38%
Axes45% / 45% / 55%2,03s71,43%
spade50% / 50% / 60%2,42 seconds66,12%
Reaper50% / 50% / 55%2,42 seconds64,05%
Slasher27,5% / 27,5% / 35%1,57s57,32%
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