The best weapons in New World

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Choosing the right weapon is vital in any MMO, and New World is no exception. Here are some of the deadliest options players can choose from.

Each massively multiplayer online game has an impressive array of items for players to find, craft or acquire as a reward. 

In a tradition that started with the first Diablo games and continues to this day, the upcoming MMORPG New World also has a lot to offer players when it comes to collecting cool, useful items and tools. Most important on every player's mind, however, is weapon selection.

Each player has their own preference when it comes to their favorite weapons, whether they are useful or purely cosmetic. 

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The following rating outlines the best weapons in terms of tier levels, buffs, and other abilities, however, players should not allow this to stop them from equipping or looking for a certain weapon that complements their build.


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The New World still retains its fresh, bright glow, it just isn't so new anymore. Players have spent a few weeks exploring Aeternum and have some new discoveries to report. 

This includes some wild, beautiful, and fun ways to deal some damage to enemies, heal the party, or defend your allies. Faction rewards, high-tier items, and skillfully crafted items make up the new additions to our small catalog of New Word's best weapons.

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