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    The best VR games on PC

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    Portal do Gamer, cover you and your eyes with our picks of the best Virtual reality, including Thumper e Superhot VR.

    What are the best VR games? Or, to go even better, what are the best games Oculus Rift, Valve Index e HTC Vive? There are already plenty of VR experiences out there, and with headsets being shipped to customers faster than ever before, there's a lot more to come.

    We've tested a range of the best VR games on the top and best headphones, from the good, the bad, to the downright sickening, and we'll do our best to seek out new, weird, and challenging content for this burgeoning platform. In the name of science…or something. Here, however, we will be more selective, hand-picking the best VR games and experiences to treat your eyes to.

    From transformative updates to existing games such as LA Noire e Fallout 4, to exquisite titles made from the ground up for VR, such as Chronos e Star Trek: Bridge Crew, VR games come in many forms. But here, we only have room for the best and most played VR games, and there were some absolutely fantastic ones in the last year alone.

    The best VR games are:

    • Half-Life: Alyx
    • Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners
    • LA Noire: The VR Case Files
    • Rez Infinite
    • Thumper
    • Superhot VR
    • Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes
    • I Expect You To Die
    • Star Trek: Bridge Crew
    • Elite Dangerous
    • Assetto Corsa
    • No Limits 2
    • Beat Saber
    • Horn
    • Moss
    • Lone Echo


    a new game Half-Life appeared in our virtual laps and, although it is not the Half-Life 3 , it fits into the series chronologically between the Half-Life 1 e 2. You play as Alyx Vance, fighting the Combine alongside her father Eli. 

    While fans question the decision to develop the game exclusively for VR, with Half-Life: Alyx, Valve has undoubtedly taken a pioneering leap, creating a game that showcases what VR can do for the gaming experience without compromising what makes the series Half-Life so good.

    In your  Half-Life: Alyx review , Dustin describes how Alyx “delivers on two sets of overwhelming expectations”, with a “vibe that lies somewhere between the intimate exploration of Gone Home and the creepy resource management of Resident Evil.” 

    He praises the satisfaction of digging through, poking through doors and picking up grenades, and the later levels, he says, are "immensely creative as the culmination of game mechanics and an extremely varied presentation of new things."

    Whether you're a die-hard fan of the Half-Life series or can't tell your crowbars from your crabs (heads), it's safe to say Half-Life: Alyx is a must-play for VR gamers eager to experience the genre's newest innovations.


    Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners does a better job than almost all zombie games at making you feel like you're keeping the undead horde at bay. And it does this by literally letting you hold a zombie in one arm while you smash a bottle over its head, flip it over, and then shove the jagged end into its limp skull.

    Combat is truly ruthless, with weapons strapped to the Walkers, requiring you to rip them out, shake them, and push them out or through your enemies. 

    There's a loose narrative built around helping the various actions of post-apocalyptic New Orleans, which keeps you walking the undead-infested city streets in search of new supplies. But the grizzly melee combat is the real attraction here, allowing you to create your own melee finishers, and leading to a lot of ad hoc brutality.


    When virtual reality became a, well, reality, many games came to mind that deserve all these delicious new dimensions. The dizzying speed of a pilot, perhaps. The scale and spectacle of an open-world RPG, perhaps. LA Noire, a 2011 neo-noir detective action RPG from XNUMX, however, may not have been the game you were hoping to hook your noggin into.

    That said, LA Noire was technically advanced for its time: its pioneering facial capture helping you select the villains from those who just got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

    Where the deductive side of stroking the chin of LA Noire won plaudits from Team Bondi, his match failed. enter in LA Noire: The VR Case Files, a truncated version of the police game that not only improves on the relatively weak aspects of shooting and driving, but is one of the best VR games for PC.

    Instead of fiddling with the keyboard and mouse, you bend over, shoot henchmen, and recharge your classic Remington physically with the HTC Vive controllers, and it's refreshing. Obstinately connecting to each case feels better in virtual reality. 

    The heat of battle is much more intense, especially when you punch yourself in the face. No, it wasn't quite us.


    Rez Infinite is a musical shooter where you face off against waves of Tron-style enemies as you travel through the subsystems of a corrupted AI from the distant future. 

    The game is played in third person, and your character can 'evolve' through several stages, each with its own quirks. It's a trance-inducing marvel of a game that was originally released for the Dreamcast in 2001, but has since gone through iterative changes through several re-releases on its way to PC.

    You can lock on up to eight enemies at once with your weapon, releasing your trigger finger to fire a volley of straight shots or pressing the fire button for quick single shots, and every action contributes to the game's low-weight soundtrack. 

    Some enemies drop items that allow you to evolve, while others grant a smart bomb that clears the screen. Lurking at the end of each level, a spectacular boss awaits. While the entire game can be played in desktop mode, today's technology transforms the Rez Infinite in one of the best VR games available.

    The original game featured five areas, all made even better using a headset. But a sixth area, dubbed Area X, is creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi's reimagining of the VR concept. 

    The result is a remarkable journey through a themed mashup of underwater imagery and futuristic mechs, all lavishly sprinkled with iridescent particle effects that glow around you as you pass through the clouds of debris left behind by recently downed enemies. Essential.


    For developer Drool, creating a music game was not enough: Thumper would be a rhythm violence game. We were intrigued when it was announced and are now captivated by its enveloping embrace.

    Piloting a metallic beetle with a voracious taste for blistering speed, this indie game has you zooming through psychedelic, mind-bending surroundings. The neon path remembers Amplitude e Guitar Hero, the notes replaced by walls to skid and obstacles to climb. 

    Each level introduces a new aspect of gameplay, with your efforts culminating in a confrontation with the animated giant skull, CRAKHEAD. Hey, no PCGN, we do not judge. Thumper is astonishing in VR, its physicality and speed creating a heady mix with its vibrant original soundtrack. 

    As far as music games go, this is by far one of the best VR games for PC. Drool says “To achieve synesthetic bliss, you must face the hell of rhythm.” To say that VR ramps things up a bit would be a harsh understatement.


    A super-hot shot to indie fame based on a simple but ingenious premise, time only moves when you do. Feeling overwhelmed? Stand still, and the ravages of time will freeze for as long as you need to catch your breath. A barrage of bullets might be ready to attack you, but you can see them coming and plan your escape.

    Essentially, it's games' response to Matrix. Then, Superhot VR takes the effortless coolness you felt in the original game and takes it to a new level. Dodging bullets and attacks physically, rather than with a keyboard or analog stick, really adds to the immersion, reinventing a simple mechanic in one of the best VR games on the market.


    Unlike many of the best VR games, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is a chaotic cooperative game, one player is the bomb defuser, able to view and interact with an explosive device via a VR headset. 

    Meanwhile, the other players are 'experts' tacklers with a physical manual (printed or available as a web page) in hand, which they must use to advise the tackler.

    VR is the perfect platform for this concept. Successfully defuse a bomb within the time limit, navigate through the many modules filled with colorful yarn, logic puzzles and games Simon Says it is extremely satisfying when playing with friends. 

    If you can suppress the urge to greet your unarmed friend after a successful round, you will be unable to feel joy.


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    Ever imagined yourself as a smooth secret agent? I Expect You To Die is a VR puzzle game where you are put in dangerous situations. Maybe the car you're in has a booby trap. 

    Maybe the submarine leaked. If you're lucky, you might even be able to take an all-expenses-paid trip across India on a luxury train. If you're unlucky, a tank might appear outside your window and fire at your cabin.

    There are a few scenarios that have been added to this game since launch and these elaborate locked room puzzles can take a lot of trying. The goal is escape, after all, and the bad guys aren't going to make it easy for you. Good luck, agent!


    We were always told that the Kobayashi Maru is invincible. But, of course, just like the Captain James T. Kirk, we know we have the skills to win and become the best space pilot the Federation has ever seen. Star Trek: Bridge Crew allows us to live those dreams in glorious virtual reality.

    First, take up to three friends, who, by your side, take on the role of Federation officers, determining the fate of your ship and crew in every fateful decision, it's a game that thrives in a crisis. 

    You and your intrepid space-bound band will boldly head into the largely unknown sector called The Trench to assess its potential as a new Vulcan homeworld.

    However, we could simply be running modest intergalactic errands, for what we care. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a game built from the ground up for VR. 

    Your cabin environment is disturbingly accurate and it's great to simply exist in this world, interacting with the ship's controls and making decisions like real space pilots. This, one of the best VR games you can find, is a game that everyone, not just Trekkies, should try.


    If you only play one VR game, make it Elite Dangerouss: It's simply one of the best VR games you can strap on your skull. 

    Its scale is difficult to grasp, offering a 1 replica of the Milky Way. A galaxy pristine by load times and populated by human players with their own minute-by-minute loyalties, agendas, and missions. If you need a head start, check out our guide Elite Dangerous .

    No matter how varied or complex the action, your position is always at a fixed point and this helps to eliminate any potential for seasickness. 

    You can unluckily roll, toss and thrash (the latter happening frequently, we found) during extended play sessions at the mercy of Frontier's Newtonian flight model without seasickness setting in.

    This is absolutely crucial to maintaining the appeal of Elite Dangerous like a long-running game. The Cambridge studio has been one of the most innovative when it comes to VR support, and that's reflected in every second you spend in the cabin.


    Assetto Corsa It is not only an exquisite racing game, but also one of the best VR games for PC, thanks to the solidly based physics model, eye-catching visuals, and fan-requested features. This means, of course, that it is possible to play Assetto Corsa in VR. 

    It natively supports Oculus Rift, so there's no need to scour the darkest corners of the internet in search of a mod or middleware program.

    Conceptually, racing a sports car is one of the few established video games that calls for an adaptation to virtual reality. 

    Third-person shooters need to be seriously rethought to work as VR games, but gamers like Assetto Corsa thrive on a fixed camera point and the ability to look in mirrors, at apexes, or in the direction of opponents. Apparently, it's also done with lasers.


    If you want to take the idea of ​​being somewhere else to the extreme, No Limits 2 and to you. The creator's roller coaster simulation game Ole lange, is a testament to the psychosomatic powers that only the best VR games can offer, your legs go weak as you descend incredibly steep descents, as if subjected to physical forces. 

    The same goes for your weak stomach as you make your way through the corkscrews, as far as your body goes, you're on that roller coaster.

    And yet, No Limits 2 it's not the queasiness of emptying your stomach that it might have been. The fixed-point camera helps, and it's clear that developing the game specifically for VR has minimized the potential for vomiting. 

    A remarkable feat given the subject at hand. With a reasonably advanced design tool and more roller coaster types than you ever thought existed, No Limits 2 is the only game you need to visit if you want the simulated theme park experience.


    Beat Saber it's basically a game Star Wars  with a generous dose of Guitar Hero. It's a rhythm VR game where you wield lightsabers to hit glowing cubes that fly towards you in time with their ingenious music. 

    Each cube also has a directional arrow symbol indicating which direction it needs to be cut, adding an extra level of challenge.

    The color and light of Beat Saber give the game a futuristic feel. Each strike emits satisfying sparks on impact, and your colored targets glow gloriously in the surrounding darkness. 

    Each cube perfectly matches the beat, so you'll want to pair your VR rig with a great pair of headphones to properly experience the electronic soundtrack of Beat Saber.


    When the creators of Genital Jousting e Broforce make a VR title, you can probably assume it's going to be an exceptionally silly fighting game. Horn is a violent first person combat game where you play as a brawny warrior and your only objective is to win the eyes of other brawny warriors. Yup. The eyes.

    You can pick up weapons, dodge attacks, and hold an enemy still while turning them to a crimson pulp. The controls are easy to figure out intuitively, but the movement mechanics of Horn it will take a while to get used to. 

    Instead of teleporting or using the joystick to move, you swing your arms like you're actually walking. 

    The result is bloody combat with levels of slash brawl clumsiness as you and your enemies stagger from side to side desperately trying to land the punches. Horn it's pure dumb fun and worth tripping over.


    The immersive power of VR is its main selling point and you might think it's a tall order for a magical storybook experience about a little mouse called QuillBut Moss manages it with ease. 

    Em Moss, you play a character named Reader. Your goal is to help Quill as she tries to overcome every obstacle and generally be her guiding force as she navigates a dangerous fantasy world.

    Quill she is not just a creature to be controlled, she knows you are helping her and is always ready to thank you for your hard work helping to form a bond between you that will last far beyond the four hours it takes to complete this one. charming VR adventure game.


    One of VR's biggest strengths is that it can put you in otherworldly settings and still make them feel real. Case in point, we've never experienced space travel, but if the traversal mechanics in Lone Echo it's something to go on, so we're missing out on a lot of fun. 

    You can push surfaces to bounce around environments or use small boosters on your wrist to squirt in open areas.

    Of course, it's not just about the movement. Lone Echo is a narrative adventure where you play as Jack, a service droid aboard a mining station above Saturn. You work alongside the only human left, Olivia, to keep things going. 

    Naturally, things go awry, leaving us in charge of fixing a myriad of mechanical glitches in a convincingly lightweight VR space game. Lone Echo it's a good story wrapped in a great control system, and it wouldn't be possible in anything other than VR.

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