The best tips to win your 1v1 in the Gulag in Warzone

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The players in Warzone developed incredible techniques to trick their opponents. Tips that allow you to emerge victorious from any duel in the Gulag. 

In Warzone, death is just another opportunity to prove yourself. In fact, as soon as a player dies, he finds himself in the Gulag, where he will have to triumph over his opponent if he wants to get back into the game.

The Gulag offers players a new chance to prove their worth, but it has yet to be earned. The duels to the death that take place there are not for altar boys.


The current Gulag is based on Standoff, a POI in Verdansk.

Gradually, these duels manage to get out of the game, showing an infallible creativity.

In this arena you can easily lose control of your opponent, especially when impatient players are having fun throwing rocks all over the place.

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However, this is a difficulty that can easily be leveraged to one's benefit.


A player has developed a hilarious but diabolically effective technique to trick his opponent. In this duel, all you need besides your weapon to defeat your opponent is your spray.

During the duel, when the opponent lost sight of him, thanks to his spray, the player furtively affixed to the wall the image of a soldier who looked like him, in a firing position.

As you might expect, your opponent saw nothing but fire and emptied his magazine into the wall, giving him a great opportunity to claim victory.

The spray in question is an addition from the Season 3 update.

Make sure you don't lose sight of your opponent the next time you find yourself in the Gulag, as they may try to use this strategy against you.

In the same vein, the player employs the same technique in the “new” Gulag of Warzone.

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