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    The best ranged weapons in Warzone Season 4

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    Source: Activision

    After a lot of weapon changes in Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone, our team has revealed the best weapons for long range.

    I managed to perform some tests on the weapons of the 4 season and deduced a list of the most effective weapons for long-range duels.

    There were some changes, especially with a new nerf to the AMAX, and two new weapons have arrived: MG 82 e C58. These last two clearly do not make up the figure.

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    A mini-satellite in Warzone.

    Here is a list, in our opinion, of the best weapons for long-range duels in Warzone at the beginning of 4 season.

    1. MG 82 (CW)
    2. AK-47 (CW)
    3. AMAX (MW)
    4. PKM (MW)
    5. FACT 1 (CW)
    6. Stoner 63 (CW)
    7. Brown Mk9 (MW)
    8. Fara 83 (CW)
    9. Terror (CW)
    10. C58 (CW)

    In this list of 10 weapons, you have a lot to choose from if you are used to doing a lot of long-range duels in the same game in Warzone.

    This list is subject to change in the coming weeks before some nerfs and buffs for certain weapons arrive, including the MG-82, which should not escape the developers.

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