The best operators of Rainbow Six Siege in 2021

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Wants to win? Make sure you have these Rainbow Six Siege operators on your team.

Want to win more ranked matches in Rainbow Six Siege? Maybe you need to make better operator choices.

If you're just jumping in Rainbow Six Siege fresh or a returning player, the landscape of Siege in 2021 is entirely unlike anything that has come before. 

The game has changed radically since its December 2015 release, which means that previously invaluable operators like Hibana are no longer an essential part of the meta, while many operators of Rainbow Six Siege newer ones aren't having the impact you expect.

Before we dive into a big pile of military baddies: every operator has some value in Siege. if you choose Thermite and he works for you, keep playing with him. This list is just the operators of the Rainbow Six Siege that will give you the best chance of success, so if you're losing, adding these guys to your draft is never a bad idea.

Without further ado, here are the best operators in the Rainbow Six Siege in 2021.



As one of the strongest operators to combine with a raw breach, it is difficult to build a strike team without Mark Thatcher. “Thatcher holds a pretty powerful offense monopoly and as a result has one of the highest competitive ban rates in almost any league,” says JessGOAT.

Mark Thatcher it's at Rainbow Six Siege since the game's release and is still popping heads and opening bomb locations, with the combination of a pretty strong kit and an exceptional gadget. 

Although a recent nerf took away the ability to Mark Thatcher from destroying devices, with his EMP grenades now only knocking them down for a while, he's still a fantastic choice whenever you're not sure which operator you want to play with.

“Although it only now disables gadgets rather than destroying them, this still gives a wide window of opportunity for attackers to open walls, disable intelligence and area denial devices, and place attackers on the spot,” adds JessGOAT.

Securing the objective is a crucial part of Rainbow Six Siege, so providing a clear path for attackers to enter (and the fact that certain breaches like Chalet's snowmobile garage are impossible without it) means that Thatcher is really the real MVP on offense .


Zofia has a number of toys that combine to make her a powerful choice for any line of attackers.

“Boasting a wide array of abilities in nearly every category, Zofia is one of the most chosen frag/frag-flex operators in all competitive gaming around the world,” says JessGOAT “As a two-speed/two-shield operator, she also has a great primary and secondary weapon in addition to her gadget: a launcher that provides destructive power alongside bludgeoning power, making her a triple threat. ”

But that is not all. JessGOAT and Griefdrums made a point of pointing out that Zofia can work with two different playstyles: she can be used to play aggressively and get frags or as a secondary role to destroy devices like Evil Eyes, shields or other devices you need. of an explosive.

When you consider that Zofia can switch between these two roles in the blink of an eye, you suddenly understand why she is so loved by top-tier players.


Another launch classic, Sledge combines significant soft-destroying capability with his hammer, then rounds things off with his grenades and even the ridiculously powerful SMG-11.

“The most popular grenade operator in the entire line of attack, Sledge, has begun to rival Zofia's competitive pick rate,” says JessGOAT. “Much of his strength comes from his ability to use his grenades to destroy devices/shields, but also from being a viable softbreach operator with his hammer.

“Actually, if Zofia had no rape charges, I think we would see his pick rate start to surpass hers. This is due to the current meta, which allows attackers to better utilize grenades to their full destructive power, without worrying about anti-projectile devices as a primary meta. ”

Sledge also gets a boost from your mighty SMG-11 secondary, making it effective at close range and range.


Want to know why it's worth choosing Ace? Why not ask Griefdrums?

"Ace is an operator that brings a lot of utility to the group, with his SELMAs he has the ability to open reinforced walls, remove shields and with possible changes currently on the Test Server, he may soon be able to contain Mira windows.” 

Ace's new changes will help shake up the meta, especially since he can do this from a distance rather than up close.

add AK12 and his phenomenal time to kill and access smoke grenades that can block lines of sight, Ace is a great choice whether you use him as the backbone of your team or as a secondary invader to open up additional angles to the location.

“With possible future changes, seeing their fumes being swapped for Claymore from Thermite, some may find it preferable to use the last violator due to greater reliability to fully open the wall, but Ace will always be a strong choice in any line,” he adds.


Another tough invader, Maverick don't worry about your denial devices.

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"Maverick can almost guarantee access through reinforced walls or hatches with its ability to burn a line across the top and bottom of a rib and remove it completely.” says Griefdrums. 

“Boasting grenades for fragmentation capability or simply to remove whatever utility the defenders might have, Maverick allows players, alone or in a full stack, to gain lines of sight and access where others cannot.”

If you're alone, it's worth taking Maverick to the party. You can make holes and throw grenades into them, you can make small holes to shoot them… there are many options.



"Jager is starting to rival Blackbeard in the nerf department recently, but no matter what the devs do with him, this operation is so ingrained in the very fabric of Siege that you'll be hard pressed to see a defensive line without him," says Griefdrums. .

Jager has a ridiculous selection rate and is an enduring fan favorite, a combination of the 416-C, which rips and its 'put it and forget it' gadget, which allows you to help your team without actually doing anything.

His 'put it and forget it' gadget will still be active and assisting the team long after Jager's death, especially now that they're active throughout the round instead of having limited uses like before. 

Capable of catching a stray swim that may have killed its anchor, or stacked with other ADS' magpies to allow a position of power to be held by a defender, Jager can take any basic defense setup and improve it, he adds.

Jager It's a solid choice for most scenarios, but if you have good aim and a good sense of positioning, you can dominate the game with this operator.


Melusi can completely stop the momentum of an attacking team and should be feared by any attacking team.

“Melusi's banshee devices are absolute oppression. While you can just climb up and punch it to destroy it, you have to get there first while walking around like you're stuck in quicksand, constantly waiting for it to come flying around a corner and shoot you when you're vulnerable,” he says. Griefdrums .

“With three banshees, she can block entire hallways or slow down entry into rooms. Have a problem with attackers like Ash entering the site too quickly? You can delay this push with Melusi or at least get an early warning notification when the attacker has to use the utility and breach rounds to remove this gadget from your path. ”

Melusi it's the perfect counterpoint to a meta that was starting to focus on a hurried approach to getting to the objective and taking down the plant, avoiding vagrants and overloading the anchors in place. With your gadget making a lot of noise, either destroyed by attackers or activated, Melusi it's a great opportunity to stop that attack and give you time to reposition.


Smoke has a large load, including the pocket sniper SMG11 secondary, a weapon that's great at virtually any range, if you're able to control it, it's often a solid choice for wasting attackers' time. 

With defenders only needing to stall attackers until time runs out, their ability to stall for more than 30 seconds with their toxic grenade devices puts Smoke at the top of the best defenders list.

“One of the best things about Smoke is that the longer he lives, the stronger his gadget becomes. As time goes on, each toxic grenade you have is ten seconds of denial, until you reach a stage where an attack will have to push that gas and take damage over time as it passes through the gas. If you can take 30hp out of an attacker, it's one less bullet that you have to land on him later. ”


Echo has always had an unusual spot in the meta, but he seems to be coming back to the foreground.

“Even with the recent Echo nerf, we're really starting to see a resurgence of this operator and the damage it can do to teams and their objective plans,” explains JessGOAT. 

"O Yokai do Echo makes the most of teams that have left the factory until the last few seconds of a round and a skilled Echo player is always finding new and creative ways to hide and hide drones until they can fully manipulate these situations.

Bring your MP5SD, which is a solid SMG with easily controllable recoil, and he's also not remiss in defending himself more directly.

Some teams are even using their starting Yokai as an intel roaming tool and the rest for objective denial, allowing a skilled support player to help out in various facets of the round.


He has two intelligence devices that not only allow him to see through smoke and flashes, but also deploys a laser that destroys drones and attack devices and can even deal consistent damage to players,” she adds.

Maestro always had a strong presence, keeping him selected and on teams, despite the various nerfs to Alda.

It also has Baliff and Impacts to provide key rotations or use to negate Selma/X-Kairo and its only real downside is being one of the slower operators.

That said, if you're looking for a support player that can hold their own in the case, you won't find a defender that has a 1vX higher clutch rate than he does, especially given the Alda's punch power and massive magazine size. .

That's all for our ultimate operator guide Rainbow Six Siege. Hopefully this will help you climb the ranks if you are currently stuck in ELO hell.

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