The best Minecraft skins for 2022

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Dress to impress with the best Minecraft skins on offer

Looking for the best Minecraft skins on offer? Why wouldn't you be! There are almost as many skins these days as there are Minecraft players, and it's easy to create your own from scratch or take another existing skin and change it to better suit you.

Below, we have collected and presented 64 of the best Minecraft skins that we've come across during the time we've spent playing Minecraft, along with a download link for each one so you can quickly start showing off your new colors in-game.

Minecraft girl skins

autumn girl skin

One of my favorite Minecraft skins on this list, Autumn Girl is simply unbearably cute, with her cap perfectly complementing her beautifully designed, color-coordinated autumn outfit.

Link para download: skin de Autumn Girl

skin roam

The big blue bow and shiny textured brown hair of this beautiful Wander girl skin are the standout elements here. And the peach cardigan has similar details, making the entire skin look very pleasing to the eye.

Link para download: Wander skin

bunny skin

There's something so captivating about the two symmetrical locks of hair falling from this bunny's face. That and the little ears on the sides of the hood really make this Minecraft skin in particular.

Download link: Bunny Skin

plum girl skin

Another very color coordinated Minecraft skin, Plum Girl is much more vibrant than most, helping you to stand out from any Minecraft crowd.

Download link: plum girl skin

navy skin

This is a very simple skin illustrating a long haired brunette wearing a blue shawl. What sets it apart from the many similar furs out there is the texture of the hair and the shawl itself. It looks very, very good.

Link to download: skin da Marina

Pele de Gamer Girl

This Gamer Girl Minecraft skin is one of the most popular skins out there. It's cute, it's well designed and with the grass block on the front and Creeper's face on the back, there's no doubt what this gamer girl is sitting down to play.

Link para download: skin de Gamer Girl

Skin Red Creeper Girl

Red and black are such a good combination. That's certainly the opinion of whoever created this Red Creeper Girl auburn skin wearing a black Creeper sweatshirt with a red Creeper face on the back.

Download link: Red Creeper Girl skin

Dino Girl Skin

Simple and adorable, this Dino Girl skin is sure to help you stand out from the crowd in any Minecraft world. Rainbow socks are a particularly nice touch.

Link para download: skin da Dino Girl

Skins do Marvel Minecraft (MCU)

iron man skin

Walk and talk like everyone's favorite Avenger with this faithfully rendered classic Iron Man skin. It works even better if you can get some Elytra!

Download link: Iron Man skin

captain america skin

That really is America's ass. Lead the Avengers on their next death-defying adventure as Captain America himself. Now all you need is a Resource Pack that turns shields into vibranium.

Download link: Captain America skin

spider man skin

Mr. Stark, it smells like a new car in here! It might not give you the ability to shoot webs from your wrists (you'll probably need some Minecraft mods for that!), you're sure to look flawless with this instantly recognizable skin.

Download link: Spider-Man skin

Thor skin

Cue the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin! The God of Thunder's red cape and flowing hair are brought to Minecraftian life with this excellent Thor skin.

Link para download: skin do Thor

Hulk Skin

Crush some mobs like the Strongest Avenger with this Hulk skin, which, despite being confined to regular Minecraft skin proportions, is still unmistakable as the Hulk.

Link para download: Hulk skin

black widow skin

Mrs. Natasha Romanoff has changed her appearance several times over the course of the MCU, but this skin brings back the classic red hair from when we first saw Black Widow in Iron Man 2.

Download link: Black Widow Skin

hawkeye skin

A worthy skin for anyone who has a bow in Minecraft. There was also a specific skin for Hawkeye from Endgame, but it wasn't as recognizable as this one.

Link para download: skin Hawkeye

Thanos skin

That smile is really contagious, isn't it? Conquer half of the Minecraft universe as the ultimate MCU villain, clad in his nearly indestructible Uru armor. Sorry for any humble Minecraft mobs that try to overthrow the leader of the Black Order.

Download link: Thanos skin

Minecraft skins for movies and TV

jasmine princess skin

Enter a “whole new world” (ouch) with this faithful and surprisingly recognizable Princess Jasmine skin. Now all you need to do is make friends with an ocelot named Rajah.

Download link: Princess Jasmine skin

Darth Maul Skin

Anything involving Ray Park is always cool, and Darth Maul was no exception. Now you can wear this legendary villain's trademark for yourself.

Link para download: skin de Darth Maul

curse skin

“Ahh, I was wondering which would break first: this obsidian or my pickaxe!” Bane was a great villain, and this is a fantastic skin, so how could I not include him?

Download link: Bane skin

Hermione's Skin

I know all these skins are in the same pose, but why does this one in particular look like it really needs to go to the bathroom? In any case, that Hermione skin is adorable.

Link para download: skin de Hermione

Homer Simpson skin

Few Minecraft skins make me laugh out loud, but this Homer Simpson skin was definitely one of them. Amazing job to whoever made this one.

Link to download: Homer Simpson skin

Pele Katniss Everdeen

Another great pick for experienced archers, this Katniss skin is an incredibly faithful retelling of the Hunger Games star, from her hair to her quiver on her back.

Link para download: skin the Katniss Everdeen

Skin Doctor Who (10th Doctor)

There are two types of Doctor Who fans: those who know the 10th Doctor is the best doctor; and those who are in denial. All you need now is to create a TARDIS from a Minecraft Banner.

Link para download: skin Doctor Who

John Wick skin

A great skin to inject fear into the hearts of your enemies as they realize that John Wick, Baba Yaga himself, is after them. The suit and tie are perfect, as are the tiny pixels of blood dotted on his face and wrist.

Link para download: skin de John Wick

Minecraft video game skins

Skin Between Us

There is a cape between us of every color on the MinecraftSkins website, but for me, for some reason, pink is just the color between us. Look at that face. Think how much deception is going on behind that mask.

Download link: Pele Entre Nós

Pele from Kratos (God of War)

Send disgusting beasts back to the depths of Hades as the God of War himself with this exquisite and unmistakable Kratos skin. Seriously, who else could it be?

Download link: Kratos skin

Pele the Widowmaker (Overwatch)

One shot one kill. Joining Hawkeye and Katniss in the battle for the best marksman, this Widowmaker skin is the best of any Overwatch skin I've ever seen.

Link para download: skin do Widowmaker

Skin of Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

I can't help but feel that if Minecraft were made of triangles instead of blocks, this skin would be even more accurate - but regardless, it's a great skin for any adventurer.

Download link: Lara Croft skin

Pele Windranger (Dota 2)

Feel the wind in your hair! Here we have yet another extraordinary bow with this brilliantly designed Windranger skin from the Dota 2 roster.

Link para download: skin Windranger

Skin do link (Legend of Zelda)

We couldn't have a list of video game character skins without Link. There have been many Link skins over the years, but this one is probably my absolute favorite.

Link para download: tema do link

Pele de Gordan Freeman (Half-Life)

Wake up and smell the ashes with this fully recognizable skin from Gordon Freeman. Even from a distance you would know who it is.

Download link: Gordon Freeman skin

Skin TF2 Spy (Team Fortress 2)

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Someone has worked hard to recreate every TF2 class on the MinecraftSkins website – but Spy is my favorite. It's exactly him. So simple, yet so brilliant.

Link para download: Skin TF2 Spy

Minecraft skins for famous people

Stan Lee skin

We're all used to seeing Stan Lee in everything, so why not throw Minecraft into the mix? If you want to continue the legend of the late great Stan Lee, you can't do much better than this.

Link para download: skin de Stan Lee

Abraham Lincoln skin

The 16th president of the United States has never looked more blocking. This Abraham Lincoln skin is smart, distinctive and definitely good for a laugh.

Link to download: Abraham Lincoln skin

Pele by Albert Einstein

A surprisingly accurate representation of one of the most famous people in the world. Einstein may have been smart, but can he think of a way out of a Creeper explosion?

Link para download: skin the Albert Einstein

Lionel Messi skin

Lionel Messi, Argentine soccer player, considered by many to be the greatest soccer player in the world. You need to be on your feet to feel at home in this skin.

Link to download: Lionel Messi skin

Chuck Norris skin

Chuck Norris is said to change his skin twice a year. What people don't realize is that you can even wear one with this legendary martial artist skin.

Link to download: Chuck Norris skin

Skin by Neil Armstrong

Looks like him, don't you think? Take a giant leap into the Minecraft type with this skin based on the world's most famous astronaut.

Link para download: skin de Neil Armstrong

Pele by Steve Irwin

Play as Crocodile Hunter himself with this surprisingly recognizable Steve Irwin skin. A great skin to use when trying out modpacks that add new animals!

Link para download: skin the Steve Irwin

psycho skin

Good luck trying to pull off the famous Gangnam Style moves in the game, but you can certainly look good with this flawless Psy skin.

Link para download: skin Psy

Minecraft animal skins

Pug hair

Hands up who saw this and immediately thought of Men in Black? No? Just me? Forget it, just enjoy this adorable pug skin.

Download link: Pug Skin

Bear's skin

Protect your friends and annihilate your enemies with this grizzly bear skin. Just one look at those little staring eyes will be enough to send them away.

Download link: bear skin

panda skin

I love pandas. Do you love pandas? You should love pandas. And now you can become a panda! And then you will definitely love pandas. And I will love you.

Link para download: skin do Panda

penguin skin

Venture into the Antarctic plains and new biomes with this beautiful penguin skin. Although in reality, a human-sized penguin was pretty scary.

Download link: penguin skin

lion skin

The king of the jungle, the Lion is best for players who just want to relax, yawn and do little else. At least that's what I discovered on my trips to the London Zoo.

Download link: Lion Skin

Wolf skin

This beautiful old wolf skin is great on its own, but even better when used as a wolf model that you can customize to make your own unique lupine creation.

Download link: wolf skin

Rabbit fur

The most sickeningly adorable fur on the list, the cuddly white rabbit is designed to lure your opponent into a false sense of security before attacking them with its Sharpness V diamond sword.

Download link: rabbit skin

tabby fur

This is probably the best cat skin among the dozens I've found online. Great skin, great texture, great ears, all wrapped up in one big, adorable package.

Download link: Tabby cat skin

cool Minecraft skins


Of course we had to add the OG Herobrine skin here somewhere. It's probably the most famous skin in Minecraft, aside from the original Steve (and now Alex).

Download link: Herobrine skin

creeper skin

That's a nice ssssssskin you have there. Scare friends or foes into the light of day alive by sneaking up on them without warning using this Creeper Skin.

Link para download: skin Creeper

Peel of Enderman

It's hard to translate an Enderman's intimidating stature into a Minecraft skin, but this one does a commendable job. Now you just need to learn to croak like one too.

Link para download: skin Enderman

zombie skin

Wearing that perfect zombie skin, the only proof you're not a real zombie is your lack of arms raised as you walk. Also, what more could you ask for?

Download link: zombie skin

Pele Zombie Pigman

With this Zombie Pigman skin you can hang out with your friends in the Nether and for the first time look special too.

Download link: Zombie Pigman skin

sheep skin

There's something about the image of a sheep walking on its hind legs like a human that really makes me smile. With this sheepskin, you can help spread that same laugh.

Download link: sheepskin

mooshroom skin

This Mooshroom is just delicious skin. Odd but cute, instantly recognizable and distinctive, and just great, well-made skin (the udder in particular is a nice touch).

Link para download: skin do Mooshroom

Pele Diamond Armor

Probably the most practical topic in this entire guide. Fool other players into thinking you are equipped with full diamond armor. Particularly good for PvP servers!

Link para download: skin Diamond Armor

Minecraft abstract skins

Upside down skin

One of the quintessential and most popular abstract covers, this Steve Upside Down cover is sure to get an appreciative laugh from those who see it for the first time.

Download link: upside down skin

ice cream skin

If you like ice cream then this skin is for you. If not, well… You have some things you need to sort out in your life. How not to like ice cream. Seriously, who doesn't like ice cream?

Download link: ice cream skin

dirty skin

Another “practical” Minecraft skin, this Dirt skin in theory lets you blend in with your surroundings while standing still. The grass on top doesn't help with that, but it makes it look nicer!

Download link: dirty skin

Tetris skin

An homage to the only game that rivals the vast success of Minecraft, this Tetris skin is extremely vibrant and attention-grabbing, and might turn some heads.

Link para download: skin do Tetris

Rubik's cube skin

This was one of the first abstract skins I've ever seen, and it surprised me at the time because I never thought about having anything other than a face on a skin. Great idea, well executed.

Download link: Rubik's Cube Skin

Skin do Minecraft Overworld

Speaking of great ideas, this Minecraft Overworld skin uses the skin as a canvas to paint a picture of the Minecraft world, from sky to rock. Of course, this skin may need updating after the 1.18 update shakes up Minecraft's terrain generation!

Link para download: skin do Minecraft World

pencil skin

A number 2 pencil skin with an eraser in place of the head is another skin that can turn some heads and make people around you laugh as they remember their childhood.

Download link: pencil skin

grandfather clock skin

Possibly my favorite idea for a skin. This grandfather clock case has an absolutely gorgeous design, from the clock face itself to the swinging pendulum on the chest. Sublime.

Download link: grandfather clock skin

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