The best League of Legends skins of all time

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These skins have great animations, great stories, and look amazing.

Since there are so many different skins and Riot will be releasing some epic skins this year as well, we decided to take a look at the best skins in League of Legends so far.

Are you a fan of cute and adorable skins, or do you prefer darker and edgier skins? Fortunately, Riot has both types and we're excited about the arrival of more skins in 2022 , with all themes we love !

God King Darius
This skin is one of the best in the game. It's unique, fun, and Darius looks like a boss with this look. You can't go wrong buying this skin and the community loves it too! | © Riot Games
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Elementalist luxury
The most expensive skin in League of Legends, but worth the price. You can change your element and change your look with this skin. It's beautiful and seriously one of the best Riot has ever made. | © Riot Games
Black Cosmic Jhin
This skin is just… chef's kiss . This skin brings the cosmos to the player, and we love the animations. Its final animation is truly breathtaking. Riot really did an amazing job with this skin. | © Riot Games
Spirit Flower Trail
This is the first Thresh skin where we can see his face. Of course, the next skin – Unbound Thresh – wasn't so great, but this was a total win and it's one of the best skins Thresh has, and he has a lot of great skins! | © Riot Games
PROJECT: Mordekaiser
The PROJECT series is very fun and interesting. There are a lot of PROJECT skins, but none come close to Mordekaiser. The skin is so unique and adds so much to the champion that we couldn't leave it out of our list. | © Riot Games
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