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    The best Genshin Impact characters for beginners

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    Who do you really want on your team?

    With 28 characters different ways to play, find the best characters from Genshin impact alone will take some time. So, we've put together a guide to the top ten playable characters, along with reasons why you should want them in your party.

    Some of the characters are great damage dealers, others are amazing healers, versatile supports, or very useful in exploration. 

    Keep in mind that they all have their different playstyles and can be enhanced using artifacts from Genshin impact  to capitalize on your skills and abilities. You should also take a look at your constellations when unlocking, as many of them will have much better range and attack power when they level up.

    Whatever your style, weapon, or elemental type, it's worth investing in any of the top 11 characters in Genshin impact, or maybe you're lucky enough to get them as a result of a Wish. So if you're just starting out in this open world game, here are the best characters Genshin impact for starters.

    the best characters of Genshin impact are:

    • Dilute
    • keqing
    • Qiqi
    • Winds
    • Jean
    • Mona
    • Xiangling
    • fischl
    • Barbara
    • Traveler
    • ningguang


    Dilute is much more than just the richest man in Mondstadt, he is also the best damage dealer in the game. Charging your normal attack will result in a series of quick blows that will completely overwhelm most enemies. Furthermore, the skill Pyro Elemental de Dilute can easily destroy wooden shields.

    And we haven't even started elemental explosion, which covers a huge surrounding area in flames. Not only does it look cool; also ignites your sword for a time, dealing additional damage from the Pyro with each new attack. Diluc undeniably deserves some extra points for style (not that he needs it, though).

    Fonte: Genshin Impact


    keqing is a fast electrical damage dealer that can easily move around the battlefield and switch between short-range and long-range attacks. She also deals massive AoE damage with her Elemental Explosion. Using her skills,

    keqing can quickly jump, hit the victim, and walk away before they are hit. Outside of battle, Keqing's speed and elemental skill make her a great exploration character. Using the latter, Keqing can teleport to places that would otherwise be difficult to reach.


    Qiqi is a great damage dealer and an even better healer. What more could you want? Qiqi's elemental ability not only damages enemies with Cryo, but also heals all party members on each hit. 

    The amount of health regeneration scales according to Qiqi's attack power, allowing the player to use it for both damage and healing.

    Qiqi also heals in combat, leaving her very dizzy. Finally, his Elemental Explosion deals massive Cryo damage with a big AoE.

    Fonte: Genshin Impact


    Winds , who uses Anemo and a bow, has arguably the best elemental powers. His elemental ability makes it easier to control enemies by launching himself or them into the air. However, it's his Elemental Blast that takes the crown; using it, Venti can draw all enemies towards a vortex that stuns and damages them heavily.

    At the same time, Elemental Blast will absorb Elemental powers from other characters, which will deal even more damage to trapped enemies. That alone can put most battles in your favor and makes Venti the ultimate team character.


    Jean it doesn't excel at anything, but it has a great combination of decent attack damage, crowd control abilities, and above average healing. Her passive talent, Wind Companion, is one of her biggest assets; grants a 50% chance to heal party members for 15% of Jean's attack power after a Normal Attack attack.

    Your healing ability Elemental Burst it is also scaled according to its attack power, which allows for a big HP restoration with the right build. Furthermore, Jean can quickly gather all weaker enemies using his Elemental Ability to lure them.

    Fonte: Genshin Impact
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    The character Hydro Mona has the best movement and evasion skills in the game. If you want to set up elemental reactions using water, Mona is the best character Genshin impact that exists. She can cover large areas in the water using her Ability and Elemental Blast. 

    However, Mona isn't just great for combat; she can run through water, which is incredibly useful to explore (running out of energy will still result in drowning, so be careful!).

    Another great non-combat asset is its 'Principium of Astrology' skill, which has a 25% chance to return some crafting materials. Even if you don't want her to fight, she will always be a useful character to have.

    Fonte: Genshin Impact


    In addition to being a great cook, Xiangling stands out for being very easy to handle and useful in almost all situations. As a DPS character, Xiangling has a fast, high damage Normal Attack. 

    She is also a great Pyro damage dealer with a very decent AoE. While it's best to give some thought to where you cast it, her Elemental Ability will automatically find enemies within her range to ignite her, making her easy to use in combat. 

    Finally, the Elemental Blast of Xiangling will create a ring of fire circling around it. It lasts for 10 seconds and stays with Xiangling as it moves. If you're surrounded by enemies, you're almost overpowered.


    Princess Fischl is the ultimate master of Electro in the Genshin impact. She does great damage with her charged bow and elemental skill. The latter summons an Electro night raven (extra points for the style, mind you) that deals damage to all nearby enemies and will continue to do so after switching to another character. 

    Her biggest asset is her Elemental Blast, though, which she can use at the opportune moment to better position herself on the battlefield. All this while avoiding all incoming attacks and dealing damage to all those who stand in her way. The only downside is that it can be difficult to steer Fischl in the right direction.

    Fonte: Genshin Impact


    Although Barbara does decent attack damage, you really want this character Hydro as a healer and elemental support. Your healing abilities are scaled according to your HP. In addition to healing party members with your elemental skill, Barbara can use it to cover her enemies with water, which makes her extremely useful if you want to set up Elemental Reactions. 

    Finally, the Elemental Burst de Barbara will restore a large amount of health to all party members and can therefore be a real lifesaver.

    If you don't get Barbara at the start of the game, after reaching the Adventure Rank 18 or higher, you can complete a quest called “A Long Shot” to unlock it as a reward and complete the hangout Barbara to learn more about yours.


    Se Traveller remains the same as we found him (or her) at the start of the game, he might not make the list. However, Traveler has one big advantage over everyone else; he can change his element.

    When starting with Anemo, the Traveler you can switch to Geo later (and back as many times as you like). There will likely be more elements available for Traveler in the future. This will always provide opportunities to make Traveler the perfect fit for your team.


    ningguang had its desire drop rates greatly increased with Patch 1.1, so it's now much easier to get it. She is proficient in taking down single targets with her Geo elemental skill and blast attack.

    Her Jade Screen ability prevents her from being damaged by ranged attacks and allows her to focus on taking down any nearby targets, while performing the occasional ranged attack for some additional damage. 

    ningguang It's also useful to use outside of battle, as its passive ability allows you to visualize nearby ore deposits on the minimap.

    Whatever the characters in the Genshin impact you can, the main thing is to enjoy playing with them! Though it doesn't hurt if your Genshin Impact builds are optimized for the eyes to produce maximum damage. 

    You'll probably want to accessorize with the best weapons of Genshin impact  as you can without using up all the important wishes, and if you desperately need more Adventure Rating to unlock more content, here's our leveling guide Genshin impact . 

    The Genshin Impact 1.1 update also saw the arrival of four new Genshin Impact characters, along with a bunch of new items and features, including the reputation system.

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