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There are plenty of games, from big titles from previous years to small indie projects, being offered now. Many of these offers will expire soon. These games can be claimed for free this month on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and more.

Between major new releases, gamers are often looking for something new to play. If you found yourself in the same position, we've compiled a list of titles you can refer to when you're bored. Some are completely free, while others are available as a nice bonus for subscription services that many are probably already paying for.

Free games on Steam

There is no shortage of permanently free options available on the Steam store, and this list is expanded quite often, but this list will cover limited-time deals.

For these offers, you will need to click where the normal “Buy” button would look like if you were making a typical purchase on the platform, but instead the button will be replaced with one that says “Add to Account”. The game will be added to your Steam library to start downloading at your convenience.

Tell Me Why – Free until June 30th

In this episodic mystery adventure from Dontnod Entertainment, the studio behind Life is Strange, you'll explore the past of twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan, and the small Alaskan town where the game is set.

From the game's Steam page: "As you conjure up memories of the past, your choices will affect the twins' relationship, determine the strength of their bond, and shape the course of their lives."

Chapter one is already free to play, but until the end of June you can get all three chapters for free.

Endless Space Collection

Endless Space is a science fiction strategy game where you will control a spaceship as they fight for secrets and resources left over from an ancient civilization called The Endless. This game is available through a promotion that involves linking your Steam account to another platform.

Go to the Games2Gether page and run the quick registration process. After making the link, you will be asked to connect to your Steam account. Then check your rewards (the icon present at the top right of the G2G page) and there will be a code for Endless Space and its DLC.

Nights Into Dreams

In this 2012 remake of a 1996 title for the Sega Saturn, you'll be flying through a colorful and fantastical world, exploring, collecting and battling. You will not claim this offer through the Steam store. Instead, go to Sega's 60th Anniversary website and register your email. You should then be prompted to select a platform, where you will select the Steam icon and sign in to link your Steam account. Then check your email momentarily to get the code to redeem and add the game to your account.

Free games on the Epic Games Store

Epic is no slouch when it comes to free games. Every week, sometimes even more often, their store will have one or more free games that you can permanently add to your library. This is in addition to a lineup of games that are free to play by default.

There are some amazing hits like Fortnite and Rocket League on that list, with more to come in the future.

Frostpunk – Free until June 10th

Frostpunk is a city builder set in a desolate, frozen world. You are in charge of making the tough decisions that come along with the struggle to meet people's basic needs. From the Epic Games store, click “Get” and follow the normal checkout process to add Frostpunk to your library.

NOTE: The Epic Games Store makes free games available to its players every week. Therefore, in the weeks of June 17th and 24th, there will be new free games on the platform.

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Free Games on Amazon Prime Gaming

On the Prime Gaming homepage, there is a rotating selection of titles to claim codes for. You may not be aware of it, but the Prime Gaming subscription is included in the Amazon Prime annual subscription. You will take these codes to their respective platforms, most often the Amazon Games app, but there are exceptions.

Battlefield 4 – Free until June 21

Battlefield 4 is an entry in the popular Battlefield franchise. While it's not the latest game, there's no reason to ignore it as it's offered for free. Log into Prime Gaming and on the game page claim your code. This code can be redeemed at EA Origin.

Batman – The Telltale Series – Free until July 1

The depiction of Batman in this game focuses less on the popular figure's physical feats, such as sneaking around and beating up mindless thugs, and more on exploring the dark and gritty nature of his work, how it affects him, and what effects it has on Gotham as a one all.

From the Prime Gaming homepage, navigate to the “Games with Prime” section and click on “Claim Game”. Take the resulting code to the Amazon Games app and redeem it to start playing.

Minor Titles

You'll find these games from independent developers on the Prime Gaming homepage right now. Claim your code there and redeem it in the Amazon Games app.

  • BFF or Die, until July 1st
  • Newfound Courage, until July 1
  • Lost in Harmony, until July 1
  • Mugsters, until July 1st
  • Spitkiss, until July 1
  • Frog Climbers, until June 25
  • Mana Spark, until June 18
  • Bombslinger, until June 11
  • Distant: Director's Cut, until June 4

Free games on GOG

GOG has a static list of free games, so it won't be constantly updated with new titles, although some of them can't be found anywhere else. You can add them all to your cart on this page, proceed to checkout and find them in your GOG library. Otherwise, check out the limited offers available now.

Highlights include Ultima 4, Shadow Warrior Classic, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, Postal, and Tyrian 2000.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition – Gratuito com download do GOG Galaxy

It's unlikely, if you're reading this list, that you haven't heard of The Witcher 3, a critically acclaimed open-world RPG from 2015. Well, this offer is for a retouched version of the original The Witcher, the game that gave start to the whole series.

Download the GOG Galaxy desktop client and sign in or create an account if you don't already have one. The first thing you see after that should be the main page where you can grab The Witcher.

Free games on

The platform is exclusively for indie games. If you're interested in checking out lesser-known developers and titles, this is the place to go. The free offers there don't have their own curated page, so go to the sales page and look for the current offers. This selection will change periodically, so please visit the sales page to look for updates. Proceed as if you were going to buy a game normally and smile when you see the total of R$0,00 in your cart.

Here are some of the free games right now, in descending order according to the store's popularity rating:

  • The Struggle of Combat
  • Larger Than Light
  • Totem
  • Winterlore I
  • Rock From Hell
  • Hack-R
  • Smithy Wars
  • Take It Racing
  • A Western Ballad
  • Skin & Bones
  • Materia Ex Vita Chronicles
  • Hampton Court
  • Dark Hope: A Puzzle Adventure
  • Chaos Lab
  • Interplanetary Ex
  • Number Islands
  • Survive 10

These lists are almost all rotating selections and you can check back periodically to find new games for free. If you check out even a fraction of them, however, you'll have plenty of distractions until the big release you've been waiting for.

Stay tuned on our website for more news and news about the world of games. Take care and until next time!

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