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    The best Fortnite map codes: edit, hide and seek, deathrun and more

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    Source: Epic Games

    Whether you want to practice editing maps, improve your marksmanship, or simply discover new worlds, with Fortnite's creative mode, you'll have plenty of options! Discover now the best map codes to fulfill your goals. 

    Launched in 2018, the Fortnite Creative Mode allowed many players to unleash their creativity! Thanks to this new sandbox experience, players only have their imagination as their limit, for better or worse.

    So, over the seasons, there has been a little bit of everything, from maps based on the universe of popular games, to those dedicated to testing different games, through areas intended for intense training. There is something for everyone!

    Fortnite Creative Mode occupies an important place for many players

    In addition to being able to design their own islands, players can use codes to access a seemingly infinite number of community creations, each introducing a new way to play.

    How to enter a map code in Fortnite?

    Before browsing the best creations of the moment, you still need to know the procedure!

    First, after starting the game, you will need to go to Creative Mode and click on “Play”.

    In Fortnite, players have the opportunity to access many community creations

    Next, you will need to choose the “Island Code” tab and click “Enter”. At this point, all you have to do is enter the code for the island you want to join.

    An island code is required to access the players' different creative islands

    Remember to reread before clicking “Start”, avoid unpleasant surprises! You can find the codes previously entered in the “Recent Islands” tab, which will allow you, if you wish, to add them to your “Favorites”, to save you some time.

    The best map codes in Fortnite

    Here's where the real fun begins! In Fortnite there is a countless number of maps grouped in different categories, which can be viewed in full on sites like Goodnite ou Dropnite .

    While some players have fun recreating the universe of certain iconic licenses, others prefer to rely on environments to train, or even try to hide, capture the flag, build fight or even deathmatch.

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    Without further ado, here is a small selection of the best maps of the moment.

    The best map codes based on popular licenses

    • map based on Fall Guys , created by Flysmooth: 3958-4575-1075
    • map based on cyberpunk 2077 , created by Jess: 5959-5776-7711
    • map based on Dead by Daylight , created by Thy: 8099-5981-3796
    • County based map Lord of the Rings , created by Sven1205: 2341-0879-7382
    • map based on Disney , created by ifrost-origins: 2933-9593-6272
    • NUKETOWN 2025 de Call of Duty map-based, created by Hassanftn: 8124-4629-6812

    The best map codes for Buildfight / Combat

    • The Tower of Hercules (maximum 16 players), created by Gabocapo777: 1567-0621-0130
    • Boxfight Aquarium (4 players max), created by Lospuniisher: 7917-0205-3938
    • Build fight 2021 (max 16 players), created by Jalf: 6610-9539-3785
    • DINOSAURS Sky Wars Red VS Green, created by Dummblond: 5263-6682-2929
    • Mob Of The Creatures – Zombie Survival, created by AceCreates: 1731-6507-9509

    The best map codes to train for editing

    • The Bouzi'Tournament Edition 2 map created by Lebouseuh: 0653-6858-7030
    • Practice map edit, created by Pickiss: 5817-0543-9633
    • Train map edit, created by Fbb-Loukan: 0964-3764-9593
    • Candooks 10 in 1 (edit and aim), (max 16 players), created by Candook: 3682-8686-2819
    • Lebouseuh Edit Map – 1#, created by Lebouseuh: 1688-4036-8471

    The best hide and seek map codes

    • Chalet des croutons 2021 (16 players max), created by Valouzz: 0202-6572-1515
    • Farm (max 16 players), created by Tony-Moana: 5143-3259-3732
    • Craizy City (max 16 players), created by Strike2844: 2988-0227-1261
    • Pokémon Cache Cache (16 players maximum), created by Rypekk: 0972-1454-7633
    • Marseille in Dubai (maximum 16 players), created by Fraizzw: 2633-4400-0292

    The best deathrun map codes

    • Standard 50-level agency deathrun (max 16 players), created by Apfel: 9500-5467-8928
    • Rainbow run'n'jump (1 player max), created by Datguycaz: 3649-3959-4080
    • The Eiffel Tower (8 players maximum), created by Tonystrass67: 1051-1538-0944
    • INFINITE LEVEL DEFAULT DEATHRUN, created by MEEP: 2368-2970-1351
    • Standard Deathrun level 500, created by fxxd1: 2223-7856-2968

    The best map codes to improve your aim

    • Skaavok marksmanship training, created by Donwozi_btw: 0413-6471-5335
    • Heat map (point/edit), created by Evozion-fr33zer: 1929-6468-8922
    • Skaavok marksmanship training (maximum 16 players), created by Donwozi_btw: 8022-6842-4965

    Featured creative island codes

    On the Epic Games website we can also find different islands that are highlighted:

    • ULTIMATE SMASH ARENA (USA), created by BONNIE-KIWI: 5026-7856-3160
    • ZOO TYCOON, created by AX7_NARXO: 9502-9863-4834
    • NEO STUNT RACING (16 players max), created by MTL_RELLIK: 9047-5011-5233
    • CAPTIVE SUMMER! 🌴, created by WISKSTARS: 6531-0915-4192

    And there it is! All you need to do is make your choice! This article will be updated as new creators emerge.

    Image Credits: epic Games

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