The best E3 2021 games so far

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The sun is just rising at E3 2021, but there are already too many games for a single brain to grasp. Between Geoff Keighley's initial show, company-specific streams for Gearbox, Koch, and Devolver, IGN showcase, Ubisoft Forward, and Guerrilla Collective and Wholesome Games Direct indie showcases, we've seen over 100 trailers for new and previously revealed games.

We'll show you a list of the titles that caught the most attention so far at E3 2021

Elden Ring

Developer: FromSoftware

After two years of dead air, we finally have an Elden Ring gameplay trailer. And yes, it looks a lot like Dark Souls, but it's been five years since Dark Souls 3 and our collective grimdark fantasy tanks have long since been emptied. We need this, okay? Also, focusing on the familiar does a disservice to everything FromSoftware hasn't done before on display in the trailer.

FromSoftware is notorious for its classic and more prescriptive action RPG challenges. But now, with a tried and tested vocabulary of magic and melee, lessons learned in acrobatics and traversal and stealth from Sekiro, with a spectral open world, layered double-jumping horse, it looks like the company has made its first sandbox game. lawful.


Developer: Sloclap

Sifu's new E3 trailer certainly makes it look like Sloclap can do something exciting while focusing entirely on one fighting style. The specifics of the moves: you just know that none of the kicks, punches or weird stuff are interchangeable with the animations in other games, and that they each have a name. We will have to wait to see how these locks and combos are executed, but given the technical mastery possible in the theme of self-improvement of Absolver and Sifu (a “sifu” is a master / teacher), we can be optimistic waiting for the game, which will be released still in 2021.


Designer: Gamious

Lake was one of many charming games at the Wholesome Direct showcase, and it already has a release date for September this year. Lake has the kind of premise you'd only see in a standalone game, but it also feels like it has the production value to launch a concept that could quickly become boring in a smaller, less detailed game.

You become a mailman in a small town in the 1980s Pacific Northwest and drive around the city delivering mail and talking to the locals. Nothing in Lake looks amazing, but everything in the trailer just goes down really well, whether it's the tranquility, the setting, or the game's simple story.

Trek to Yomi

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April 1th 2022

Desenvolvedor: Flying Wild Hog

Synopsis: As an oath to his dying Master, young swordsman Hiroki has sworn to protect his city and the people he loves against all threats. Faced with tragedy and bound by duty, the single samurai must travel beyond life and death to confront himself and decide his path forward.

It's very exciting to see a game set in this era that takes its visual inspiration from Kurosawa. The PlayStation-exclusive Ghost of Tsushima had a gorgeous black and white mode, but there's a difference between a graphics setting toggle and a game built from the ground up to express an entire movie genre.

Death trash

Developer: Crafting Legends

What if Fallout had gone in real-time but continued top-down, while at the same time swapping all things 1950s sci-fi for a 1970s splatterpunk aesthetic? This sounds intriguing, but what convinced me of seeing Death Trash is that he has “an inventory of items and worms”, “skills like pickpockets and vomit” and lists as a major feature on his Steam page “manual save games”.

Tribes of midgard

Developer: Norsfell

Tribes of Midgard is a Viking game that supports 10-player co-op, but it's a little different from open world survival game like Valheim. Alone or with friends, you build a Viking fort to protect a relic from enemies bent on bringing the end of the world. During the day, you explore, gather resources, craft, build and fight enemies. At night, monsters appear and try to invade your fort. And every few days, a mighty giant appears and tries to destroy your relic. If you can't stop him, it's all over.

Unlike Valheim, Tribes of Midgard has character classes that give your Vikings various powers and abilities, a feature that Valheim players wanted so much that they modified it. The art, animation, and effects look great in Tribes, and the monster design is especially fantastic.

Riders republic

Developer: Ubisoft

We've all seen Riders Republic before, and it's one of those that looked cool, but not so great, and could be considered one to watch. The Ubisoft Forward trailer, however, surprised with its scale and ambition.

Riders Republic looks like it's going to be a serious racing/stunt game with a high skill cap, you can also see it's just going for the thrill of playing all these different extreme sports together. It looks like it will be a great game.

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