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    The Best DP27 Loadout in Warzone | Warzone's Most Underrated LMG

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    The DP27 is being criminally dormant, it's reliable and great over range. Here is a complete loadout to use on DP27 and the current attachment meta.

    While admittedly ugly, the DP27 is a very underrated weapon in Warzone. It's not mobile, but none of the LMGs are, and what it does offer is a weapon with perhaps the lowest recoil in the game. 

    As long as you post-up and allow enemies to come to you , then you will find it worth leveling the DP27. Here is a complete loadout to use on DP27 and the current meta configuration.

    The best configuration and accessory for the DP27

    You can reduce this thing to almost zero recoil. | © Activision Blizzard
    BocaMercury Silencer
    BocaKovalevskaya 680mm BO2D
    ViewScope SVT-40 PU 3-6x
    CouplingZAC S2M
    Cabo San LucasM1941 handstand
    ChargerSakura 47 6,5mm round cookware
    Buttpolymer handle
    Advantage 1Hardscope
    Advantage 2Fully loaded

    Todo or weapon rest aims to increase bullet speed, range and recoil control . These three stats allow for over-range capability, and that's exactly what we're using the DP27 for. Don't worry, we'll bring an SMG into close range.

    The best secondary, grenades and perks for a DP27 loadout

    The best secondary weapon for the DP27

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    This will give you a little more indentation control than most MP40 builds. | © Activision Blizzard

    The above MP40 build will give you more firepower and be a little slower than most. In return, we have a weapon that can reliably cover us up to 30m, before the DP27 takes over. If you are an aggressive player and want faster movement speeds, consider replacing the stock with the skeletal stock and taking 45 round Gorenko magazines.

    The best equipment for the DP27

    tacticheart rate sensor

    Both are conventional gear choices, but for players of any skill, they are likely to prove more useful than other options. While the Heartbeat Sensor now has a much longer delay between scans, it's still absolutely stuck, and Semtex is so good because it can be used against vehicles and infantry with equal effectiveness.

    The best advantages for the DP27

    Benefit 1ODL
    Benefit 2Overkill
    Benefit 3Amplified

    We opted for Amped over Combat Scout with this loadout, and this will make up for the DP27's admittedly poor weapon switching speed. Because when you're pushed with the DP27, you absolutely need to switch to the MP40 and you need to be able to switch as quickly as possible. 

    In the first perk slot, we are taking EOD to give us a buffer against frags and Semtex that can be thrown at us if we are posted with the DP27.

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