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Impress your friends with these eye-catching skins from CS: GO.

While aim and skill mean everything in a competitive first-person shooter like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, having the most flashy skin on your weapon comes second. As a game that has been around for nearly a decade, CS: GO loads hundreds of skins for the nearly 60 weapons available in the game. 

Skins are received organically and randomly from weapon crates or quest rewards. These crates can only be opened with keys purchased by $ 2,50 (R $ 13,42).

The most popular way to guarantee the purchase of skins is through the Steam Marketplace. Players who received skins from the crates can sell them on the market and users can buy them right away without risking the probability of a crash. The combination of popularity and supply and demand has made skins a real form of currency in the CS:GO ecosystem.

O skin CS: GO most expensive available now, for example, is the Souvenir Dragon Lore AWP in factory condition that will cost $26.000 (R $ 139.526,50).

While this might not be in your price range, here is our list of the best CS:GO skins available on the market right now.

These are the top five CS:GO skins:

  • Water Elemental (Glock)
  • Neo Noir (AWP)
  • Mecha Industries (M4A1-S)
  • Neon Rider (AK-47)
  • Disco Tech (MAC-10)


  • The Breakout Collection
  • Factory New – $11 / £7,75 / R $ 59,03
  • StatTrak – $ 38 / £ 26,79 / R $ 203,92

Released in the Breakout Collection in 2014, the Water Elemental skin covers the entire Glock in red and blue with an image of, you guessed it, a water elemental. The trigger and grip are the only parts of the gun that are not covered in color. The black accents may be subtle, but they make all the difference in the design.

One of the most affordable skins in the game, it is still highly sought after for its artistic style.


  • The Danger Zone Collection
  • Factory New – $57 / £40,17 / R $ 305,89
  • StatTrak – $ 137 / £ 96,57 / R $ 735,20

Although it is in a higher price range, the coating Neo Black protocols for AWP certainly worth it. coming from the collection Danger in 2018, the Neo Noir skin is certainly a work of art in one of the deadliest weapons in the game.

More than a splash of color here and there, the skin displays an illustrious noir-style image of two women on the body and rear of the weapon. With a purple, blue, and pink color scheme attaching this cover to your AWP almost makes you not want to wear it…almost.

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  • The Gamma Collection
  • Factory New – $29 / £20,44 / R $ 155,63
  • StatTrak – $ 102 / £ 71,89 / R $ 547,37

This M4A1-S skin might look like a simple color change, but the more you look, the more you see the impeccable details.

Coming from the Gamma collection in 2016, the Mecha Industries skin has a base white and gray color scheme with some clear but important red highlights throughout. The details give a rustic but futuristic air, for those looking for something different, but nothing flashy.

Even with the increased usage of the skin coming to Battle-Scarred it barely makes the skin look worse, it actually makes it look rougher and even a little better.


  • The Horizon Collection
  • Factory New – $137 / £96,56 / R $ 735,20
  • StatTrak – $ 450 / £ 317,18 / R $ 2.414,88

Yes, you read the price correctly. Although released in 2018 in the Horizon collection, the Neon Rider skin looks like something straight out of Cyberpunk 2077.

Covered in shades of bright neon pinks, purples and blues, the AK-47's skin is certainly one of the most eye-catching available in the game right now. While it's not the most expensive skin in CS:GO, you'd still have to spend a lot to be the skin's happy owner. Neon Rider.

Also, wearing it in-game will certainly give you support from your teammates, and maybe even your enemies.


  • The Prism 2 collection
  • Factory New – $23 / £16,21 / R $ 123,43
  • StatTrak – $ 73 / £ 51,45 / R $ 391,75

O Neon Rider Is it a little too expensive for you? well the skin Disc Tech do MAC-10 may be the second best option. The newest skin on this list was released as part of the Prisma 2 collection just a year ago, in March 2020.

The pattern itself is quite mesmerizing with its combination of bright colors flowing into each other and geometric shapes. But does not stop there. The color combination literally changes with movement, as the skin itself is holographic.

So there you have it, our top five skins CS: GO available on the market now. Some might have you scouring the back of the sofa for some loose change, and others are a little less dramatic.

Still, if you're looking for some flashy skins that will turn some heads in your next ranked match CS: GO , these are the ones you need.

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