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    The best cars in Rocket League

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    Rocket League's impressive roster of vehicles means there's something for everyone. What are the best cars in the game?

    Rocket League is one of the most popular racing games today because of its unique take on the subject. Mixing awesome looking cars, fun handling, add in a Fast & Furious movie and everyone's favorite football moments, and fans end up with this vehicular football video game.

    Rocket League continues at high speed with its addictive social gameplay and its constant stream of new events, challenges and cars. 

    While the Psyonix offers a good balance and flexibility system for the vehicle's characteristics, there is a bit of variation regarding the hitboxes and overall strengths of each car. As such, both newbies and veterans alike sometimes find it difficult to choose the perfect vehicle.


    1. Octane

    The Octane is almost every player's favorite car, and the only reason it's surprising is because it's one of the default cars in the game. Amateurs and professionals alike appreciate this car, remaining loyal to it throughout its time in Rocket League. The Octane is literally flawless: it's impeccably designed, handles like a dream and fits into every sharp corner like a glove.

    2. The Lord

    After the Octane, this is the most popular car seen at high levels. It's easy to handle, performs great in the air and handles corners perfectly. 

    It's the best of both worlds, acting like a dream both on the ground and in the air. This is often seen as the best Rocket League car for slightly more experienced players, although it is also quite beginner friendly.


    Many fans love this little powerhouse. He looks like a hyperactive child and acts like her too. Its incredible speed and reaction to hard corners is absolutely impeccable, making the Aftershock one of the best cars when it comes to handling.

    4. Takumi

    An often overlooked choice, this car boasts the dependable and solid Octane boy, while having elements of the flattest Dominus and the all-business hybrid. Its smaller build might not be the best defensively, but its relatively tall height and pronounced nose make it solid offensively, especially for Hoops.

    5. Batmobile

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    The Batmobile is one of the boss cars in Rocket League. The design is impeccable, giving the Dark Knight perfect goosebumps. Players will see many Batmobiles at higher levels and it is a very popular choice for a number of reasons.

    like a unique car I give to the Lord , is the longest car in the game and has an angled design that allows players to make accurate shots like a dream. 

    6. Mantis

    Mantis has the best boosting and turning system in the game. Therefore, with its short and small design, it has the ability to be one of the fastest cars to take the ball to the goal and score. It's not good for aerial play, as it is undoubtedly one of the smallest cars in Rocket League, which means having to jump all the time.

    As he performs good flips, is fast and has a good “kick”, he is a very good car to score goals!

    7. Merc

    Merc is an exceptional car for anyone who wants to go into combat. Wide, tall and strong, he takes down opponents and wins almost any dispute for the ball. He is also one of the best on this list to save goals, blow up other cars and even make good aerial “kicks”.

    It is a very good choice for novice players as it is easy to drive. It turns little, is not fast, which avoids losing control during plays. But precisely because of this it should be avoided if you want high speed.

    8. Marauder

    This monstrosity of a machine is perfect for defensive play and more for a goalie role, passing kicks back before it's too late. 

    The Marauder's massive, intimidating look is off-putting to some, and the handling isn't so smooth because of it, but because it's so massive, it can serve up punches like no other and is perfect for defending the goal.

    9. X-Devil

    X-Devil is a car that works very well, not just being a pretty face and different in the line up. It is a Plank type car, mixed with an Octane. Its front is even wide, which makes it an interesting option to hit the balls to the goal and even to throw the opponents to the side.

    10. Venom

    Venom is a car that fits almost everything in Rocket League. Defend, attack, dribble and drive the ball with good quality. It's good for those who like hybrid cars and for those who have a good aim. Its thin front almost serves as a crosshair when you hit the ball right in the center of the ball, which gives more impact to the “kick”.

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