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    The best cars in Dirt 5

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    We here at Portal do Gamer think that the Dirt 5 is a solid off-road game that continues Codemasters' strong racing pedigree. With so many different race types and cars to choose from, we decided to help our readers.

    Citroën C3 R5 (Performance A / Handling A)

    The French manufacturer has outdone itself with the Citroën C3 R5. Its impeccable handling and speed really makes a difference when tackling any rally type race in Dirt 5. The C3 must be one of the first cars you buy in the game. It will make your life a lot easier.

    Porsche Macan T1 (Performance A / Handling A)

    This was one of my personal favorites of the SUV car types. Not only is the Macan TI absolutely gorgeous, but it also performs to match its looks. Macan will surely help you in Dirt 5's Rally Raid racing. Make sure you pick it up early in the game because it truly is one of the best cars in Dirt 5.

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    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI (Performance A / Handling S)

    My God, there's a reason the Mitsubishi EVO VI is a hallmark of any off-road racing game. That's because it's an absolute beast. The EVO VI is a true rally hero and should be included in any top rally car list. From its dominance of off-road terrain to its blistering speeds, the EVO VI is without a doubt one of the best Dirt 5 cars out there.

    Aston Martin DBX (Performance S / Handling A)

    You don't normally think of Aston Martins when it comes to off-road racing. However, the latest Aston Martin DBX epitomizes that a luxury brand can conquer the off-road world. The DBX's exceptional performance is obvious when it comes to one of the best cars and SUVs in Dirt 5.

    Leave in the comments what you think, and which car do you use the most in the gamer? Thank you very much and see you later!

    Dirt 5 is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5

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