The 6 Best Lego Games for Nintendo Switch

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Lego It's one of those brands that literally everyone knows about. Lego Switch games are also rapidly growing in popularity.

You've heard of Legos and you've probably built something with Lego at some point in your life. They are known for making colorful creations and being lethal when stepping on them, completely destroying their feet.

Along with the physical Lego toys, there are a bunch of different Lego games – most of them collaborations between well-known series, bringing fun, colorful, blocky characters to life! With so many different games to choose from, we wanted to talk about the best Lego games for Switch.

Many of these games include characters you've seen before – ones you may be familiar with from various movies, but their Lego games provide action for kids and these games are fun to play and great to explore. Other games are simply Lego titles, which still provide a lot of fun for your Nintendo Switch.

1 LEGO DC Super-Villains

When super villains take over the world and want you to join them. You can become one of the best villains in the DC universe or create your own new super villain in the game, wreaking havoc and chaos in the game. There's a lot of story in the game, but you and your team of villainous friends can discover the intent of the wannabe Super Heroes to try and stop them. It's a fun game where you take on the role of the bad guy.

2 LEGO City Undercover

If you're more of a good guy than a bad guy, you can take on criminals in LEGO City Undercover, which lets you be a police officer, saving various characters and arguing with each other to help solve cases. This game has a great open world feel if you want to drive a car you can, if you want to solve puzzles you can, if you just want to explore – you can. There is a story, as in the previous game, but it is not one that follows a specific series. Lego City Undercover is the most played Lego Switch game in our house – and the two-player version of the game is also a lot of fun.

3 LEGO the Incredibles

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More Heroes – Lego seems to have a strong theme here – in Lego The Incredibles, you are able to take on the superhuman form of The Incredibles. This game is loosely based on the two Pixar movies, divided into 12 fun levels for you to play. These levels contain chases, platforms and puzzles for you to complete and solve in order to fight crime and keep your family together.

4 LEGO Jurassic World

LEGO Jurassic World actually takes place in the first four Jurassic Park, so there's a lot to be covered here! This game lets you play as both humans and dinosaurs – with your own abilities and actions. You can learn useful and educational information for Mr. DNA and explore various game centers outside of the story mode that follows the movies.

5 LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game

If you'd like to take on the world as a Ninja, LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game fits the bill - which, as you may have guessed, is a video game based on the LEGO movie, Ninjago. There are tons of skills, lots of different Ninjas and lots of battles against hordes of enemies! You are looking to defend your island, Ninjago, from the evil Lord Garmadon and his army of sharks. It's a fun game with lots of adventure and action.

6 LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds is a game on Nintendo Switch where you can build a world made out of Lego, all within the game. You can collect objects across the map, earning points and allowing you to unlock more items. There are several different vehicles – cars, helicopters and much more. The real attraction is being able to build items through prefab structures added to the terrain or using a brick building editor to make your builds manually. Unlike your physical Lego collection, everything is organized within the game!

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