Tetris Effect: Connected update will provide cross-platform play

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Elia Tabuenca García

Tetris Effect's connected mode is set to bring it all together, across multiple gaming platforms.

And by “gathering them all together”, we mean making people your fellow players with the fury of a billion burning suns. Because in the world of multiplayer games, there are few things more irritating than seeing an opponent's complete puzzle pieces materializing on screen. It's a nightmare in Puyo Pop Fever and it's a nightmare in Tetris Effect: Connected.

But Tetris Effect: Connected is still a lot of fun, and while the online mode that justified the Connected moniker was Xbox exclusive, it's now coming to all consoles. So anyone who owns Tetris Effect will get the Connected update for free and will be able to play against players on all platforms, even the Oculus Quest.

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Publishers Enhance has released a video to explain how the update will work, but there will be two betas, one starting this week, a closed beta, and an open beta. At the end of July, the final Connected update will be released for all platforms. However, as anyone who jumped into the original Guilty Gear Strive beta can tell you, if there are issues with network play, it can be delayed.

Tetris Effect is available on PS4, Playstation 5 (via backward compatibility), Oculus Quest, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. The Connected update will be free for anyone who has purchased Tetris Effect.

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