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As in the Pokemon franchise, TemTem and its abilities also have types, something very important to know if the player intends to learn more about the game. Today we will bring you all about types in TemTem. Come on!

In total, there are 12 types of TemTem. Are they:

- Water

- Body to body

- Crystal

– Digital

– Electric

- Fire

– Mental

- Nature

– Neutral

- Earth

- Toxic

– wind

Advantages and disadvantages

In a TemTem battle, your type and the type of your moves strongly impact the amount of damage dealt and received by your TemTem. If your TemTem uses a move in which the type has an advantage over your opponent, its damage will be doubled, that is, 2x the damage of the move. Likewise, when using a move in which the opposing TemTem has an advantage, the damage of the move will be halved, ie 0,5x the damage of the move. There are moves that can deal 4x the damage or 0,25x the damage, if the opposing TemTem has a double disadvantage or double advantage over your TemTem.

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Below we have prepared a table in order to show the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Source: Prepared by the author


  • 2x: Type deals double damage over other types.
  • 0,5x: Type deals half damage over other type.
  • Blank squares: Type deals normal damage over the other type, ie 1x.

These are the types of TemTem and their advantages and disadvantages. Comment below if you have any questions or have any other suggestions that can help those who are looking to understand more about the game. I hope you enjoyed. Take care and until next time!

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