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    Synthetik 2 announced, coming to Steam with early access this year

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    German developer Flow Fire Games has revealed that Synthetik 2 – a sequel to their well-received roguelite shooter – is currently in development. Originally exclusive to PC via Steam when it launched in 2018, Synthetik made the leap to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2020, where it received more positive reviews for its retro style and brutal difficulty.

    For the sequel, Flow Fire Games is moving towards an isometric 3D art direction, refined gameplay, and an added focus on online four-player co-op, while maintaining the central storyline of an android battling evil robots led by evil mechanical overlords.

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    There will also be a new progression system, randomized environments and improved modding features to try out, with the developer looking to expand the “Synthetik Universe” by creating more lore and stories behind the Machine Gods, technologies and the dystopian world the game inhabits.

    Another big change is the introduction of factions, each equipped with unique technologies and weapons. The only way to fight effectively is to combine several new classes with different weapons and items, which Flow Fire says will provide a "staggering" number of options. Synthetik 2 will first release as a Steam Early Access game in the summer, with development being refined and influenced by the game's community.

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