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    Switch Pro 'will replace existing model', likely to be announced 'in weeks'

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    New Nintendo will reportedly retail for over $299 and replace the existing high-end model.

    This is according to a new report by the Bloomberg , which states that redesigned hardware must be announced before the event E3 next month in June 12, giving developers space to showcase the games.

    According to sources in the publication, the Nintendo assembly of the new one will begin Switch already in July and will launch the console “in September or October”.

    "Suppliers are confident they can fulfill Nintendo's orders despite the continued shortage of chips," he says. Bloomberg. “Their production lines are better prepared for the potential change in components, and the parts Nintendo is using are subject to less competition than those of its rivals’ more powerful consoles.”

    A Nintendo declined to comment on the latest report.

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    April 1th 2022

    Nintendo's upcoming Switch hardware update, dubbed the 'Switch Pro' by analysts, will present the technology DLSS da Nvidia and an improved screen.

    Source: Nintendo

    According to another recent report by the Bloomberg ,  'Switch Pro' will include a new 7-inch Samsung OLED screen , as opposed to the 6,2-inch and 5,5-inch LCD screens of the current standard model and the Switch Literespectively.

    In a recent interview, Nintendo's president provided an update on hardware production Switch , stating that the company had managed to secure enough semiconductors for “immediate” production.

    However, speaking with  Nikkei  (paid access),  Shuntaro Furukawa  warned that the Switch may still face hardware shortages this year due to significant demand.

    “We were able to secure the materials needed for the immediate production of semiconductors for switches,” he said. “However, in Japan and other countries, demand has been very strong since the beginning of the year and there is a possibility of shortages in some retailers in the future.

    "It's hard to say how we're going to handle this, but in some cases, we may not be able to prepare well enough for orders."

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