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    Subnautica Below Zero: Alien Containment Site

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    Em Subnautics: Below Zero, players can use the item Alien Containment to grow your own personal supply of fauna or start an aquarium.

    As you traverse the many new environments and creatures found in Subnautics: Below Zero , it is essential for explorers to establish a base for themselves. Here, they can store all the necessary resources they have collected from their surroundings. 

    In addition to a reliable supply of oxygen, deep-sea explorers also need a continuous source of food. for players of Subnautica , this is accomplished through the use of the alien containment .

    Source: PlayStation

    As with the previous title, Subnautics: Below Zero allows players the freedom to explore, analyze and categorize almost anything they find. This includes several different types of passive and aggressive flora and fauna. 

    The alien containment unit acts as a huge aquarium tank where players can display and sample the organisms found outside their base.


    To gain access to the alien containment unit, players will need to unlock the item blueprints. They can be found by scanning the alien containment fragment located in the wreckage of the bow of the Mercury II

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    Here, players can also discover the three shards needed to unlock the Parallel Processing Unit blueprints. But they need to have created a laser cutter first.

    Source: PlayStation

    Once the blueprints are unlocked, players will be able to build an alien containment unit using the Habitat Builder. The recipe asks 5x Glass e 2x Titanium. This item can be installed in a Great Room or a Multipurpose Room. 

    In cases where two or more of these rooms are stacked on top of each other, placing a unit in both rooms will cause them to merge into a single larger unit. This will also increase the tank's capacity by 10 per additional alien containment unit stacked.

    To add flora and fauna, players will need to build a hatch in the alien containment unit to enter the tank. Once inside, players can release fish and creature eggs by taking them out of their inventory. 

    A single tank can hold up to 10 fish. Players should avoid creating overpowered tanks as overpopulation will stop their specimens from reproducing.

    Adding more fish can also lead to the death of the tank's inhabitants. Plants can be added using the Planter at the base of the unit. When the unit is built in a Multipurpose Room, the Planter has up to 16 spaces for flora. When in a large room, the planter can have up to 32 slots.

    Now that the players Subnautics: Below Zero  can ensure a constant supply of the resources needed to survive the deep blue, they can focus their attention on exploring the many mysteries of these alien arctic waters.

    Subnautics: Below Zero is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S.

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