Steam update makes browsing games easier

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A supportive much needed update for Valve's Steam platform now makes browsing games easier by implementing a better categories feature.

When it's about PC games, the platform Steam da Valve is by far the most popular download client, dominating the PC market virtually since it was launched nearly seventeen years ago. Given the power of the software, it's not surprising that the company behind it likes to experiment with new features, like the customizable swear filters announced last August. Now it looks like a new feature has been implemented which will make navigating through games easier.

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April 1th 2022

According to a recent blog post, the Steam has been experimenting for four months with better ways for users to browse the store and discover new games. Through the Steam Labs research department, he has incorporated into the platform and accompanying website a number of ways for players to browse, such as the New and Notable section that brings new titles as well as the hot ones. . There's also the Categories section, which branches into sub-genres and themes.

Until now, says the blog post itself, the list of game categories was easy to navigate, but a bit basic. Given that Steam has over 50.000 games in its catalog, it makes sense that the company would want to create a much easier way to browse. As it stands now, it should be a better system whereby users can examine sub-genres and even player support such as MMO, general multiplayer, or single-player titles.

As a PC platform, Steam serves millions of users worldwide. It recently set a record for most concurrent users, which saw over 26 million people using the service in a two-hour period. This is a record that seems to be broken every year. However, this year was understandable as the world has been in turmoil for over a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic itself was devastating to the planet, but it had an edge in gaming as billions were locked down and confined to their homes most of the time. Given this situation, it was actually possible for classes to be taught online using the game Half-Life-Alyx VR da Valve . Although things have been tragic lately, companies like Steam will no doubt keep the spirits up as more and more people turn to gaming as Earth recovers, and with the numbers rising, it's likely that Valve will continue to implement more user-friendly features.

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