Steam: New Navigation System Makes Finding Games Easier

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Source: Steam

Steam is right on target with this efficient update.

These days, there is nothing more valued than having things simple and easy. Everyone wants to have access to everything as quickly as possible. 

This can be good or bad depending on the context. In that case, the Steam seems to have a complete understanding of how people work, so they took the liberty of creating a new navigation system for your games.

According to Steam, they spent a full four months in beta experimentation through SteamLabs testing this new system. 

Source: Steam

Considering that Steam has tens of thousands of titles on its storefront, easier access to these titles is definitely a bonus.

There are several new features that Steam has added to help with easier categorization. For starters, since players are frequently looking at Steam's charts for information on what's new and popular, they've added a “New and Noteworthy” section to their menu. 

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This way, players can just click and instantly get access to all game genres, updates and upcoming titles.

Also, they have updated their category menu. While Steam already had a way to browse different game categories, they have now added dozens of new categories to make searches more concise.

They also collected data and analyzed how players tend to search on Steam, which they categorized into genres, themes, and player modes. 

In short, you will now be able to enter one of these navigation entry points and search for genres (Farm Sims, RPGs, etc..), themes (fantasy, mystery, etc.) and player modes (single player, multiplayer, etc.). In total, this will include 48 genres, eight themes, and seven player mode categories.

Steam also shared that each of these top additions has their own URLs, so players will be able to bookmark them all for easy return later. 

Lastly, they moved content like software and soundtracks to a separate location of “special sections” within the categories.

All of this together is a major update for Steam, and we couldn't be more grateful for these convenient additions.

Source: Steam

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