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    Steam Accidentally Removed All Rockstar Games and Relisted Many More

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    Steam removes and relists all games from Red Dead and GTA developer Rockstar Games, accidentally bringing many back the second time around.

    On Monday, all games in the RockstarGames, developer of Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto , were strangely removed from the Steam and when they returned, so did some of the company's older titles. Rockstar is responsible for some of the best-selling and widely acclaimed games in the history of the medium, including its most recent title, Red Dead Redemption 2, which launched in 2018 to massive sales and positive reviews.

    Rockstar's next most anticipated game is Grand Theft Auto VI, the sequel to Grand Theft Auto V, one of the biggest gaming phenomena in recent memory. Despite releasing two console generations ago in 2013, GTA 5 (and more importantly, GTA Online) continues to sell incredibly well, and the as-yet-unconfirmed GTA 6 has generated dozens of rumors in recent years. while many

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    April 1th 2022

    This made it even more confusing when all Rockstar games were suddenly and without warning removed from Steam, the most popular digital gaming marketplace for PC users. Kotaku reports that this was likely due to a listing error, which was captured and shared on Twitter by user RobotBrush. Thankfully, Rockstar games were restored to Steam soon after, but it looks like Valve made a second mistake in fixing the initial one.

    While Steam has restored the Rockstar games it previously hosted, the library that replaced it included several old games that were not supposed to be put back up for sale. The first two games Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Club 2 were among those taken off the list some time ago, and they miraculously returned to the Steam store on Monday. While this bug didn't last long, word got around quickly and many customers were able to buy these older games beforehand and add them to their Steam libraries before Valve fully fixed the bug.

    The first two GTA games released in 1997 and 1999 respectively, and while they never sold the millions of units their successors did, they still spawned and set the violent, irreverent tone of the entire franchise. Meanwhile, Midnight Club is a lesser-known Rockstar franchise, but the arcade racing series is no less valued by fans. Thus, Midnight Club 2 undoubtedly had a similar sales increase to GTA 1 and 2.

    While this is a great opportunity to look back at Rockstar's old gems, some might argue that this accidental turn of events just raises the bar even higher for GTA 6. Nothing gets gamers more excited for a company's future than a bright past, and Steam briefly steered the GTA Online conversation into a simpler and more diverse period in the studio's career. While it hasn't announced or even hinted at GTA 6 yet, the  Rockstar Games  you would do well to re-examine what drove your fans to rush at the chance to play your older games, for a change, while you develop the latest.

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